One of our favorite treats is also one of the most basic: bread. We love it slathered with decadent Nutella, stacked with veggies or drizzled in honey. And there鈥檚 nothing quite like homemade bread. Bready or not,聽here are 13 incredible bread recipes to encourage some big loavin鈥.


1.聽Banana Nutella Bread: We didn鈥檛 think banana bread could get any better, but then they added Nutella. Topped with chopped hazelnuts, each bite is full of chocolate, hazelnut and banana-y goodness. (via Wright Kitchen on聽Snapguide)


2.聽Zucchini Bread: This bread is the easiest and tastiest way to get your daily serving of veggies. It makes for the perfect afternoon snack. (via Rebekah Kazmierowicz on聽Snapguide)


3.聽Soda Bread: Soda bread isn鈥檛 just for St. Patty鈥檚 day anymore! This loaf is made with whole grains and a secret ingredient: breakfast tea-infused milk. It gives the bread its super rich flavor. (via Marie Rayma on聽Snapguide)


4.聽Rustic Bread: A fusion of some tasty flavors, this quick bread recipe combines feta cheese, poppy seeds and chopped thyme leaves. It鈥檚 a great bread base for your morning avocado toast. (via Yusuf Osman on聽Snapguide)


5.聽Pumpkin Bread: If only there was enough time in the day to make every pumpkin recipe in the entire world. Since there isn鈥檛, we鈥檒l have to pick and choose, and we choose this easy, no knead recipe. (via Rebekah Kazmierowicz聽on聽Snapguide)


6.聽Oat Bread: If you鈥檙e looking for the ultimate bread for grilled cheese, look no further. This thick bread slices up beautifully and tastes even better when eaten with a big bowl of tomato soup. (via Fifi Yee on聽Snapguide)


7.聽Sandwich Bread: Only five simple ingredients go into this bread. It will totally amp up your usual ham and cheese. (via Karen Larard on聽Snapguide)

Orange Carrot Bread

8.聽Orange Carrot Bread: The orange peel in this quick bread recipe gives it a zesty twist. It鈥檚 a delicious and healthy treat for a chilly day. (via Prerna on聽Snapguide)


9.聽Beer Bread: No kneading necessary for this crispy delight. Add a bottle of your favorite beer to give the bread a malty flavor. (via Ynon Dvir on聽Snapguide)


10.聽Nutella Braided Bread: This braided sensation was inspired by the taste of Nutella on toast. A piece of this would make any morning ten times better. (via Rebekah Kazmierowicz聽on聽Snapguide)


11.聽Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread: This bread is made of sugar and spice and everything nice. (via Kylie B. on聽Snapguide)


12.聽Gluten-Free Bread: We have a hard time believing that this delicious looking bread is totally gluten-free. We dream about a warm piece loaded up with almond butter. (via Rebekah Kazmierowicz聽on聽Snapguide)


13.聽Banana Bread: There鈥檚 just something about a classic banana bread that is so irresistible. The moistness of this loaf is out of this world. (via Annie Ai on聽Snapguide)

What type of bread can you just not get enough of? Share with us in the comments below!