When word got around that Whole Foods was selling pre-peeled oranges in individual plastic containers, peeps were raising their eyebrows over the questionable product and its wasteful packaging. Now, avocado-lovers can join in the jaw-dropping trend with these pre-peeled, pre-halved, pitted, plastic-wrapped avocados.

plastic-wrapped avocados

Calavo, a California-based avocado grower and distributor, has decided to start selling pre-cut avocados in clear plastic (which supposedly prevents the avocado from turning brown) for those who are unfamiliar (or just really bad at) choosing perfectly ripe fruits and veg.

Although at $3 per avocado, you’d think they’d look a little tastier than this…

plastic-wrapped avocados

They may not be quite brown (yet), but they’re not exactly appetizing either.

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(h/t Gizmodo; photos via Calvaro)