Whole Foods, current masters of WTF shopping (Whole Foods tattoos and asparagus water, anyone?), are under some serious heat for selling individually packaged, pre-peeled oranges. Granted, if they had just left the oranges in their peels, then there would be no need for the incredibly wasteful use of brutally un-biodegradable material — but we’d also miss out on this ultimate SMH shopping moment. And, honestly, we’re pretty entertained by the judge + jury that is Twitter giving the product its own incredulous response.

“If only nature would find a way to cover these oranges so we didn’t need to waste so much plastic on them,” tweeted London-based Nathalie Gordon yesterday, along with the now-viral pic which has received more than 60,000 retweets and just as many likes.

Reactions to the pic were frustrated and fierce.

Although some pointed out that it actually is handy for those who might have disabilities that prevent them from peeling the oranges.

And then there are the people who just kinda seem lazy.

Whatever each individual shopper might think, Whole Foods absolutely heard the outcry.

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(h/t Eater; photo via Nathalie Gordon/Twitter)