This one’s for the ladies, but we know the gentleman will care to read for pure entertainment value.

As we’re sure you have experienced, there are few things more annoying than a poorly fitting bra. But most of us don’t have the time to go in and get measured by a professional. And besides, the whole experience is kind of awkward.

And if you’re like me, buying lingerie in person can sometimes be a bit embarrassing, so you resort to shopping online and praying it fits.

Turns out, there is an app for all of this: ThirdLove is hoping to solve the “perfect bra” problem once and for all by allowing you to measure your chest size right from your phone.

Wait, what? Yep, using a patented computer vision technology developed by a NASA scientist (who we are hoping is a woman), the app takes two selfies from the front and the side (there’s a Siri-like voice that tells you when you have the angles just right), then turns the 2D images into 3D images which it uses to figure out exactly what size bra you need. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be naked. You are meant to take the photos with a tank top on and a basic, supportive bra underneath. The whole sizing process takes about five minutes and then you can get to the fun part — shopping! (Image via PRWeb)

The app will direct you to a gallery of beautiful lingerie that has been filtered to match your perfect size. The sizing system, however, is different from most stores, so you won’t be able to measure here and purchase elsewhere. They do, however, offer more sizes than most companies, which is great if you tend to run between sizes.

Worried about some sketchy app having photos of your girls? (We thought about that, too.) Here’s the FAQ from their website:

“Our sizing technology uses two photos to calculate your measurements, using computer vision technology. Once a photo is submitted, it is stored in our secure database. In most cases, you are the only person who will see the photos. However, if there is a problem with the image, or if we are having difficulty obtaining your precise measurements, one of our trained fit specialists may view the image in order to troubleshoot the problem. No one outside of you and the ThirdLove team will ever see your photos.”

So the two big downfalls of this app are that: a) photos of your boobs may get leaked on the Internet (albeit they will be covered with a tank top), and b) once you find your perfect size, you’re relegated to buying a bra from ThirdLove and can’t shop anywhere else. Our conclusion: seems cool to try, but this app likely won’t be the only place we ever shop for a good bra.

Luckily other companies like True & Co. exist who are also trying to solve the “perfect bra” conundrum and give you measurements that you can use on their site or anywhere else. Regardless, it’s interesting to see so many new tech companies enter the women’s lingerie industry. Who will be the next Victoria’s Secret of the web?

Would you try ThirdLove? Are there any other lady-specific tech innovations we should check out? Will ThirdLove offer a version of the JoeyBra? Answer our need-to-know questions in the comments below.