As soon as Halloween is over, it becomes a quick and slippery downward slope STRAIGHT to the holiday season. In fact, anybody who tries to slow down and savor the months of November and December should be immediately nominated for sainthood, or at least voted a superhero. For those of you (us included!) who need a little bit of help getting organized and preparing for the cuffing holiday season, we’ve got this week’s five best apps to give you a hand.

1. Imzy: This app aims to find you friends that are just as passionate about your kind of weird interests as you. Whether you’re looking for a creative partner or a fan theory exchange, you can nerd out here.


DL It: Free on iOS and Android

2. Huggle: If you’re trying to figure out how to connect with that Starbucks cutie you see in line all the time, start here. The app will connect you with people who are in the same places as you. So now you’ll finally get to know that person you ALWAYS see in the grocery store or yoga class.


DL It: Free on iOS and Android

3. Toonie: Waking up every morning is hard enough. Make it easier on yourself by turning your alarm into a game where every time you wake up, you earn rewards. Honestly, we’re refusing to get out of bed unless there’s a perk for us from here on out.


DL It: Free on iOS

4. Identity: We could all use a little help in keeping our accounts in order. This new app will help you update credit card info across the board and give you a look at all of your cards in one brief glance. If only somebody could organize every aspect of our lives like this.


DL It: Free on iOS and Android

5. Fotrack: Schedule your time wisely (and beautifully) with this clever scheduling app. It makes focusing on tasks you need to get done easier than ever. No more excuses for anything.


DL It: Free on Android

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