It’s that time of year again — the time of year when we begin to squabble about Starbucks holiday (or Trump!) cups. It’s also that time when gift guides, like our DIY holiday guide or Goop’s insane annual holiday gift guides, are unleashed upon the world with some of the priciest, most absurd gift suggestions you’ve never heard of.

Gwyneth Paltrow

This year didn’t disappoint: In fact, its priciest item topped last year’s $90,000 tour of outer space!

Though Gwyneth announced her plans to “consciously uncouple” from the site back in July, some of this year’s picks, like this Clearlight Infrared Sauna ($2,295) or this OneBlade Collector’s Edition Razor ($2,500), of which there are only 101 in the world, practically scream GP — as a matter of fact, her own cookbook, It’s All Easy (complete with peak Gwyneth dedication), also made the cut under the site’s “Cook Gift Guide.”

The most extravagant of all the site’s picks, however, has to be this $150,000 record collection, courtesy of the now-deceased actor and artist, Dennis Hopper. The collection consists of 110 records and includes works from Leonard Cohen (did you see Kate McKinnon’s amazing “Hallelujah” performance?), Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison and The Beatles, to name a few.


While we’d normally balk at such a sticker price, after hearing how much Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy Birthday” dress just nabbed at auction, this practically sounds like a bargain! Plus, it’s for a good cause: A portion of the proceeds will go to The Future Heritage Fund, a foundation that supports culture and art orgs in New Mexico.

And if you can’t afford to be so charitable? Welp, there’s always this $.99 iTunes download of a Chi Flow and Freeze Yoga Game in the “Under 18” gift guide…

Check out the entire guide here.

What’s the most you would ever pay for a record collection? Tell us over @BritandCo.

(Photos via M’oda ‘Operandi + Cindy Ord + Terry Wyatt/Getty)