Holiday gift guides are already starting to pop up — and we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet. While gift guides are usually super helpful lists to peruse when we need gift-giving ideas, they can be hit or miss: Sometimes, you find a gift guide that feels like it was made for you and other times, you’re left scratching your head at the items rounded up. Whether it’s a clip-on man bun or a custom pillow of your pet, gift guides gifts can be pretty out there — but we’re sure we’ve *never* seen a gift as crazy as one that’s in Goop’s latest holiday gift guides — more specifically, it’s a gift in their “Ridiculous (and Awesome) Gifts” gift guide. Brace yourselves.


Goop recommends buying a “World View Exploration at the Edge of Space,” a two-part adventure for a lucky recipient this holiday season! That’s right — a $90,000 adventure that includes a “behind-the-scenes invitation to a World View test flight.” You’ll stay in Tucson, Arizona for three nights as you spend time touring the Biosphere 2 (the device you’d be checking out the world view in, duh). Then, just wait two short years until 2017 hits and you and five friends will get to experience crazy-cool views of Earth as “a high-altitude ballon lifts your luxury pressurized capsule 1,000,000 feet above our planet.”

While this probably isn’t at the top of your list of gifts to give this year, it does prove that you should always reach for the stars when it comes to giving rad gifts to your loved ones ;) But really, how would you wrap this thing, anyway?

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

(Featured photo via Craig Barritt/Getty, photos via Neiman Marcus)