When you’re in the middle of a really gripping, addictive show, there’s nothing you want more than to find out what happened ASAP. (HTGAWM, we are looking at you.) This may seem impossible — after all, you can’t speed up time, right? Well, turns out that you actually can.

Settling for a movie marathon

There’s a nifty little trick that will let you binge watch faster. Seriously. Basically, it just speeds up the rate at which your videos are playing — not enough to be super noticeable, but enough to save you six minutes for every hour you’re watching. So here’s what you need to do:

First, you have to download a browser extension that will speed up your ‘Flix. If you’re using Chrome, we recommend Video Speed Controller. Then, go into your Chrome plugin settings and hit “Disable” under Adobe Flash Player. Then go back to Netflix and just hit “play” on your show. Once it’s going, tap your keyboard’s “D” key to open up the Video Speed Controller. Your video will automatically start playing at 1.1x its normal speed.

Now go forth and binge! The only thing you have left to decide is what you’re going to do with all those extra minutes.

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