Clear your calendars Shonda Rhimes fans! Thursday nights are back with *most* of our fave shows intact. Sure, everyone is mourning the Scandal hiatus (Kerry Washington is preggers!). But you can still get your Shonda fix, starting with Grey’s Anatomy at 8, followed by Notorious (non-Rhimes but has potential) subbing for Scandal at 9, with How to Get Away With Murder for the cleanup at 10. Watching a Shonda lineup is always a celebration — even solo in your PJs. But don’t let this season’s craziness unfold alone! Invite some friends, have a few drinks and talk back to the screen. Here are 17 ways to celebrate the return of TGIT with your BFFs.


1. Fasy Shop TGIT Planner Stickers ($4): Share planner stickers with your whole crew and save *all* the dates. Then make this viewing party a regular thing.


2. DIY Big Face Poster: Everyone loves the giant faces you see jumping around in the stands at sporting events. Well, this is the event of the season for us couch potatoes, so whoop it up big time! (via Los Rodriguez Life)


3. DIY Mermaid Blanket: Cozy up to the screen wrapped in your fave blanket. If you don’t have one, you can sew up this awesome mermaid blanket in under an hour. (via Brit + Co)


4. White Wolfe Design Grey’s Anatomy Shirt ($18): Nothing whips up fan spirit like rooting for our favorite players. If you can’t choose one from your show, just wear them all.


5. Cleopatra Candy McDreamy Earrings ($6): RIP McDreamy. Shonda told us why you had to die *sniff,* but the Meredith and Derek magic lives on… in our hearts and on our ears.


6. Cleopatra Candy Meredith and Cristina Keychains ($10): Cristina and Meredith are more than BFFs — they’re each other’s person. Gift one to your bestie as a sweet friendship key ring that will always remind them of you.


7. Crate and Barrel Long-Stemmed Red Wine Glass ($13): We may not see Olivia Pope until mid-season, but you can still have red wine in a big Olivia-style glass if you want to. Keep *Pope* alive!


8. Healthy Red Wine Ice Cream: TGIT is the perf time to try red wine ice cream. Why? Because alcohol + dessert = Shondaland happiness. (via Desserts With Benefits)


9. Tequila Cobbler: Shunning wine until Scandal‘s back? Okay, we gotcha. How about a Meredith-approved tequila cocktail to start the night? This one looks super festive in the glass, plus it’s quick and easy to make. That’s important, because you won’t want *anything* distracting you from the screen. (via The Katie Kime Blog)


10. Taco Dog: Remember the hot dog eating contest on GA? Well, no watered down cafeteria dogs tonight. This toppings bar gives guests the option to garnish their hot dogs with ground beef, lettuce, sour cream, cheese or onion — or all of the above. (via Culinary Hill)


11. Fun Chic Designs Grey’s Anatomy TV Show Quotes ($7): How well do you think you know Grey’s Anatomy? Here are some of the funniest, wittiest quotes from the show. Guess who said them. The person who guesses right most often gets to keep the stickers for their planner.


12. TGIT: How to Get Away With Murder Trivia Quiz: When Notorious goes off the air to commercial break, it’s time for a quick HTGAWM refresher. This quiz is a good way to bring the whole group up to speed quickly, and then everyone will quiet down when the camera rolls. (via Movie Pilot)


13. Red Bubble Lady Justice Sticker ($4): Everyone who passes the trivia quiz gets a *trophy* sticker. Yes, it’s like being in school again, but with Annalise as your teacher.


14. Steel Street Lady Justice Trophy ($66): Only the winner gets the trophy, natch. But don’t get pushy now. “Never take a learning opportunity away from another student, no matter how smart you need everyone to think you are.”


15. Skiddaw TShirts Seattle Grace Hospital Scrubs T-Shirt ($17): Is there anything sexier than blue scrubs? Definitely not. Your friends will be *borrowing* this comfy cotton version all the time.


16. KCafe Press Keep Calm and Trust Michaela T-Shirt ($15): There’s always one person in the bunch who is “only here for the food,” and that would be the one who loses the trivia contest. Here’s their prize. And if they *do* keep calm and trust Michaela, they’re even more clueless than their trivia score shows. Because after the Aiden/wedding drama of last season, girlfriend is losing it!


17. How to Get Away With Murder Drinking Game: The HTGAWM drinking game is very straightforward. Everyone drinks when a character says “murder.” Or when Annalise writes on a chalkboard. Or when someone says “bitch baby.” And so on — you know the drill. (via Bustle)

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