It鈥檚 hard enough to find clothes that are on trend and look great while not breaking the bank, which is why stores like H&M are so great 鈥 they鈥檙e always on it when it comes to what鈥檚 in, and you can always find something affordable for a little closet update. What stores like H&M don鈥檛 always offer, however, is great sizing, and one UK woman took to Facebook to let them know that she was fed up with their not-great-for-bigger-bodies clothing.


In a post entitled 鈥淒ear H&M,鈥 British shopper Ruth Clemens lambasted the Swedish retailer for their smaller-than-normal sizing. Being a tall woman, she says, (5鈥11鈥) and of average size (a UK size 14 or US 10), she was expecting a size 16 pair of jeans to fit her, but when she got to the change room, she couldn鈥檛 even button the waistband. 鈥淎s I鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e aware,鈥 said Ruth, 鈥渟ize 16 is the largest size you stock (apart from in your plus size range, which is very limited in store and does not offer the range of styles for the fashion-conscious that are available in smaller sizes).鈥 She then went on to point out that her top was from the same store but a size M. So, she wondered, what was H&M doing with its odd sizing?

With hundreds of comments on the post agreeing with Clemens, over 10,680 shares and over 80,000 likes and reactions, H&M had no choice but to respond by saying that sometimes their sizing varies, but is always up to international standards. They also apologized and offered to take the feedback to heart, investigating why their sizing is so much smaller than other stores. Whether or not the retailer will be changing their sizing guidelines any time soon remains to be seen, but it鈥檚 good to know that they鈥檙e actually listening to customer feedback.

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