Instagram is quickly becoming the place for stylish women (and men) to share their impeccable sartorial sensibilities. The newest generation of fashion bloggers is focusing their style efforts solely on those 640 x 640 squares. And it’s not hard to see why. With hashtags and the like, the platform makes it easy to quickly garner attention and gain followers. If you’re looking to elevate your online influence, a perfectly pulled together #OOTD is essential. A standard selfie just doesn’t cut it these days, which is why we’re sharing these 11 easy ways to nail that shot.


1. Have someone else take your photo: We love a good selfie, but if you want to up your #OOTD game, enlisting the help of a friend to man the camera (or investing in a tripod) isn’t a bad bet. Not only will you get better angles, but you can also get more creative with your poses and locations too. (via @kenzasmg)


2. Pick a bomb backdrop: Every OOTD pro knows that an interesting backdrop can instantly enhance any outfit. Bright murals, interesting architecture or serene natural landscapes all make for fantastic photos, especially if the scenery makes your ensemble pop. Scope out a few spots in your town and keep a list of your favorite locations so you can get your shots in a snap. Live in NYC? Check out Eva Chen’s @photogenicwalls insta feed for inspiration! (via @lyndseyzorich)


3. Stage your outfits: Variety is the spice of life, is it not? Keep your feed interesting by incorporating a few impeccably pulled together stills that spotlight your favorite seasonal pieces, your go-to getup or your outfit of the day. No suitable place to shoot? Just shoot over a simple white sheet. Symmetrically styled clothing is always eye-catching, but we’re also fans of a little organized chaos. (via @vestiaireco)


4. Bad hair day? Just give a peek: Don’t let late nights or bad hair days get in the way of your sartorial game. Capture that casually cool outfit, and then use a photo editing app for some creative cropping. #winning (via @lucylaucht)


5. Play with light: A good photo isn’t all composition; lighting is just as important. The golden hour (an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset) is without a doubt one of the best times to shoot. Soft lighting adds warmth and dimension to images, plus it offers a unique lighting effect that requires no fancy filters, equipment or editing to achieve. For a little shadow play, shoot during mid-afternoon, when the sun creates long, compelling shadows. Use a blank wall (colorful or otherwise) as your backdrop to highlight your silhouette and get funky with the natural shadow effect. (via @songofstyle)


6. Switch it up: To keep ’em coming back for more, mixing things up is #1. Don’t just settle on your first shot and call it a day. Test out different poses and positions to give your feed a fresh, dynamic feel. (via @grasiemercedes)


7. Strut your stuff: Once you’ve gotten your own version of blue steel down pat, start thinking outside the box. One of our faves? Street style-inspired shoots. Strut your stuff out on the streets and have your photographer friend (or tripod and timer) capture you from unexpected angles. What’s key here is movement, and basically pretending like you don’t even know the camera is there — just keepin’ it real. (via @songofstyle)


8. It’s all about the details: We’re not just talking about those stacks of funky baubles glamming up your digits. An on-point manicure is an undisputed must. To really take things to the next level, sneak in a peek of some stylish kicks or any other accoutrement in a complementary hue. (via @fashionedchicstyling)


9. Show off those steppers: #OOTD isn’t the only area that deserves some extra attention. Introduce a little #TuesdayShoesday action into your feed with a few styled shots of those fabulous steppers. While you can certainly take a still-life styling approach, we like the idea of working yourself, as well as a few extra accessories, into the frame too. (via @fashionedchicstyling)


10. Master the shot from above: Let’s be real — this shot is just plain old awkward to pull off. Luckily, there is a way to make it a bit more comfortable, at least if you’ve got an iPhone, that is. You can use your (plugged in) headphones as a shutter release cable, making it about 1000x times easier to snap that carefully curated travel ensemble. Just turn on the front-facing camera, position it appropriately and then, with the headphones concealed in your other hand, press on the volume button to take the photo. (via @lisadengler)


11. Have fun!: Seriously! What brings in viewers are those things that are uniquely you, so don’t forget to play up your own personality and even get a bit silly. (via @valentinehello)

Are you an #OOTD pro? What are your best tips and tricks for getting great shots? Tell us in the comments!