It seems way too early to be thinking about holiday shopping, we know. But Amazon just released its top 100 toys and games, which includes all the newest, hottest items that are sure to be on every kid’s 2018 wish list. For those of us who buy stuff for little ones, this means we can starting looking now or risk the stress-inducing scramble to find must-have items as the season looms closer. (Repeat after us: No. More. Black. Friday. Crowds.) Check out 15 of our favorites from the list today — and save future you the hassle later.

1. Cozmo Robot by Anki ($180): This little guy is just as cute as Wall-E and is destined to be your child’s new best friend. The clever toy can express hundreds of emotions and even learn to recognize faces and individual personality quirks. It can also teach kids to code and comes with tons of challenging, always updating games.

2. Don’t Step In It! Unicorn Edition ($20): Avoiding little “cow pies” has never seemed so… enchanting. Your kids can blindfold their friends and see who is the best at avoiding stepping in the multicolored unicorn “poop” to win the game. Don’t fear the mess; the poop is similar to Play-Doh.

3. Chow Crown ($25): If you were a fan of Pie Face, the hilarious game that became an internet sensation in 2015, you’re going to love the Chow Crown. Both games involve extreme silliness and real food, but as fun as throwing pies in a face may be, Chow Crown seems better — it lets you actually chow down without getting whipped cream in your eye.

4. Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit ($100): Magic is real, kids. You just need to know the code. This astounding kit lets you create a wand of your own, which aligns your movements with a tablet app to conjure magical creatures, spells, and even some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

5. LEGO Hogwarts™ Great Hall Building Kit ($100): Good news! Your kids get to go to Hogwarts. It’s just a bit smaller than they imagined. This popular set has 878 pieces that construct the Hogwarts Great Hall and include mini-figures of Harry, his friends, and even a few wizard school teachers.

6. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox ($160): This 5-in-1 LEGO kit lets you build, code, and play with your own robot, a LEGO cat, a guitar, a movable rover, and even an auto builder that can make other miniature LEGO models.

7. Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle ($53): It’s Dr. Barbie to the rescue! Barbie, the doll that can do it all, gets her own emergency vehicle that transforms into a care clinic so she can quickly come to any toy’s aid. Includes an exam room that’s fully stocked with tiny equipment for medical emergencies.

8. Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set ($49): Made for car obsessives, this track set configures into an array of fun loops for Hot Wheels cars while also putting kids’ engineering skills to the test.

9. Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Pet Vet Set ($30): Little vets-in-training will spend hours with their favorite stuffed animals and this 24-piece set. It also comes with a plush dog and cat so they are never short of “patients.”

10. L.O.L. Surprise! Glam Glitter Series Doll ($24): These adorable, collectible little dolls are like your old-school Polly Pockets for 2018 (they’re also slightly bigger so they don’t get lost or eaten by the dog). They come with their own tiny water bottles, outfits, accessories, collectible stickers, and a secret message just for your child.

11. Moj Moj Claw Machine Playset ($50): Kids can master their claw machine skills without needing an escape to the arcade every day. This delightful, adorable pastel playset is just like a real claw machine, except you’ll actually win from time to time.

12. L.O.L. Surprise! House ($200): All those charming little L.O.L. dolls need somewhere to live, don’t they? Well, now you can treat them to their own palatial mansion, complete with hot tubs, a working elevator, trendy decor — and 85 surprises throughout.

13. Osmo Genius Kit for Amazon Fire ($100): This Amazon exclusive toy works with the Amazon Fire to bring your kid fun and educational games that highlight what a total genius they are. Along with teaching math and spelling, many games encourage visual thinking, problem solving, and creative drawing skills.

14. Pomsies Pom-Pom Pet (Patches) ($15): Meet the Tamagotchi you can hug. These fluffy balls of fur are also interactive toys that can tell you when they’re cold, tired, or hungry by using their light-up eyes, purring, skills, and cute sounds.

15. Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck ($60): Your child can save the day by playing with this decked-out fire truck, which includes a two-foot-tall extendable ladder, mini fire cart, lights, and sounds. They can even launch “water” cannons for the full firefighter experience (in a miniature size).

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