We were pretty bummed to hear that J.Crew, a major fashion contender in the world of women’s bridal wear, would be throwing in the towel on its bridal line earlier this year, forcing us to weep in the arms tulle of these five alternative wedding wear shops.

A young bride looking at her reflection in a mirror while choosing a dress

But come April, we’ll be drying those tears, ’cause another of our fave fashion retailers is stepping up to fill the void, at least for a while.

Taking to Instagram, UK brand Topshop announced the launch of its capsule collection of “bridal and bridesmaid dresses, accessories and lingerie.”

According to Refinery 29, price points may be slightly higher than those we saw from J.Crew, with wedding dresses beginning at $650 and bridesmaid dresses at $160, but it’s still less than many couture gowns you’re likely to find.

Frankly, it’s the best news we’ve heard since ASOS got in the game — here’s hoping that other retailers follow suit!

(h/t Glamour, photos via @topshop + Getty)