As far as loyal friends go, your reliable and unwavering Scorpio BFF is *the* best. So show them some love when their birthday rolls around with a gift inspired by their zodiac. Appeal to her ever-curious mind with an intriguing book, cater to her affinity for dark colors with a vampy nail polish set, or indulge her sensual personality with a scented candle. Or if you鈥檙e a Scorpio, go on and grab a gift or two for your badass self.

1. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Namas-Tea Mug ($15): Your Scorpio BFF is basically *the* definition of cool. If yoga is how she stays so calm and collected, gift her this blue and white yoga-inspired mug that鈥檒l have her ready to strike a pose.

2. Anthropologie Sealed With a Bloom Journal Set ($16): If she strongly identifies with the introspective side of her zodiac, a journal where she can jot down her thoughts will definitely come in handy. Get this pretty floral set that she鈥檒l adore from the get-go.

3. ShopHelloHarlot Ryan Gosling Birthday Card ($6): Fellow Scorpio Ryan Gosling only needs to say two words to make a gal swoon on her birthday or any day: 鈥淗ey, girl.鈥

4. Leif Shop Self Love Bath & Body Kit ($75): As a water sign, it鈥檚 almost needless to say that a Scorpio鈥檚 bathroom is impressively well-stocked. Since every one of those accessories is put to good use, this is the ideal luxurious bath and body kit.

5. Wallpapers4Beginners Sea Wallpaper ($43): Coast along knowing you found your Scorpio friend the perfect gift with this unique wall decor. Not only does this wall of waves embody your friend鈥檚 water sign, but it鈥檒l also spark their creativity to wonder and interpret meaning from it while staring at the wall.

6. The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock ($10): For the ever-curious Scorpio, this book that encourages asking and answering queries about everything is a clear winner.

7. Voluspa Limited Edition Cut Glass Jar Candle ($28): Considered the most passionate of the star signs, the sensual Scorpio is sensitive to her environment 鈥 which includes smell. This sweet and spicy Voluspa candle will burn through like no other.

8. Oribe Nail Lacquer High Shine Nail Polish in Bloodstone ($32): Dark, intense colors are among a Scorpio鈥檚 favorite shades. Give your gal pal this vampy bottle of burgundy nail polish she can rock with all her outfits.

9. Suite One Studio Mimira Mug ($14): Appeal to your BFF鈥檚 ambitious side and help her chug along with her morning brew served in this stylish mug. Its beautiful dark blue shades combined with gold specks will surely put a smile on her face whenever she takes a sip from it.

10. SeaSaltShop Scorpio Constellation Necklace ($40): For the conservatively styled Scorpio, picking out the right jewelry seems like a difficult task. Luckily, this delicate and dainty necklace featuring her star sign is minimalistic enough for her to wear confidently with any outfit.

sunny cushion

11. Sun + Stars Co Sunny Cushion ($42): This fun cushion will make even the most serious Scorpios crack a smile.

12. Herbivore Blue Clay Soap ($15): Made of Cambrian Blue Clay, this clarifying soap will cleanse and refresh her after a long day. You already know this soap will be a welcome addition to your water sign friend鈥檚 stock of bathroom goodies.

13. Caeden Linea N掳2 In-Ear Headphones ($43): True, this pair of faceted rose gold headphones looks more like jewelry than actual tech, but hey, they鈥檙e pretty *and* practical. No one鈥檚 complaining.

14. Umbra Tesora Jewelry Box ($30): When it comes to home decor, Scorpios tend to find solidity appealing. Made of raw architectural materials like copper and concrete, the Tesora jewelry box will aesthetically anchor any space, whether it sits on the vanity or nightstand.

15. MARGINS Moon Phases Calendar ($65): Step up her decor game with this pretty and practical gift idea. Made of recycled paper silkscreened in rose gold foil, this cosmic calendar will keep her up-to-date with important events while sprucing up a bare wall.

16. Chasing Paper New Moon Removable Wallpaper ($40): If your friend is every bit as mysterious as her zodiac is known to be, this mystic moon phases wallpaper is one she鈥檒l appreciate. Upgrade boring white walls with this dreamy pattern for a modern, personalized space.

17. BohemianInkDigital Scorpio Zodiac Print ($4): Proudly show off the Scorpio sign with this watercolor constellation print. Frame this colorful piece with a found vintage frame and brighten up any drab wall or bedside table with its truly unique work of art.

18. Anthropologie Elliptic Drop Earrings ($48): Here鈥檚 a gift any Scorpio will appreciate. This bold statement pair of silver and brass earrings is striking yet suitable for everyday wear.

19. Umbra Modern Keepsake Storage ($30): Appeal to your BFF鈥檚 appreciation for clean, organized spaces with a jewelry box to store her favorite trinkets. This wooden jewelry box that includes white metal accents and gray velvet lining is the clean-looking storage piece her vanity needs.

20. Lee Coren Crossbody + Clutch Bag ($64): Scorpios that are always out and about will love this modern everyday bag made of the softest vegan suede. Its sleek, multifunctional design will fit right in with the more subdued Scorpio鈥檚 style.

twinkle light gift

21. Modcloth Tiny Twinklings String Lights ($25): Does your Scorpio always have a twinkle in her eye? Add some twinkly lights to her sanctuary. Grab a jar at a nearby thrift store for the full effect.

22. Smith Serpico 2.0 Sunglasses ($179): Scorpios always seem calm and cool鈥 help keep up those appearances with a pair of sleek aviators. This Smith pair also has polarized lenses to filter out any harmful rays (or vibes).

23. Back to the Roots Water Garden ($100): Gift your Scorpio a fellow water-enthused buddy. This is such a cool gift idea; the tank has a self-cleaning system and grows herbs from the nutrient-rich fish water.

24. Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow ($15): Your BFF loves exploring the significance behind everyday occurrences. So surprise her with this book about how one鈥檚 unconscious mind determines their behavior.

25. TheFoxyHipster Ryan Gosling Earrings ($10): This perfect pair of birthday month earrings will break the ice at all party festivities. 鈥淐ute earrings!鈥 鈥淭hanks, Rygo and I share the same moon cycle.鈥 鈥淩eally?!鈥

26. Fabulous Frannie Essential Oil Roll-Ons ($24 for four): No matter what kind of day a Scorpio experiences, there鈥檚 an essential oil to make everything better. Lavender for bedtime, patchouli for bad skin days, and tea tree oil for days she accidentally burns her forehead with a heated hair tool.

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