If you’re born between October 23 and November 21, listen up! You’re a Scorpio-born babe and *proud* of it. So celebrate your birthday with DIY zodiac decor that best reflects your passionate but private personality. Transform your space with your favorite aesthetics which include raw industrial elements, contemporary accents and mid-century modern furnishings. Whatever your preferred decor style, read on to see how you can give your Scorpion home the upgrade it deserves with these 20 stylish zodiac DIYs.


1. DIY Yarn Tassel Curtains: Curtains are an essential for Scorpios who love their privacy. Add a little texture to them with this colorful yarn tassel DIY. The cute and cozy accessory will be a welcome addition to brighten up your home during the colder months. (via Love and Renovations)


2. DIY Modern Leather Tufted Bench: This gorgeous DIY leather tufted bench is the perfect complement to any living space, whether it’s displayed in your entryway or at the foot of your bed. Cozy it up with a vibrant patterned pillow to balance out its retro feel with a contemporary flair. (via Bre Purposed)


3. DIY Mid-Century Wall Clock: Here’s a stylish wall clock that your home can do *with.* Scorpios will appreciate the mid-century modern vibes this clock gives off. (via Sugar & Cloth)


4. DIY Mid-Century Side Table: Set aside this weekend to put together this pretty side table your living room *totally* needs. Balance out the vintage wood finish with a refreshing pop of color. (via Sugar & Cloth)


5. DIY Printable Skincare Labels: As a water sign, chances are you take your bathroom accessories *very* seriously. If you pride yourself on your impressive collection of bath and body products, these printable skincare labels will definitely come in handy. (via Proper)


6. DIY Marble Shelving: With so many bath accessories, additional shelving may be in order. Add these DIY marble shelves to your bathroom to give your space a luxurious touch. (via A Beautiful Mess)


7. DIY Painted Mid-Century Drawer Pull Starburst: Give any old nightstand a mid-century modern makeover with a starburst drawer pull. Check out your local thrift store for a budget-friendly way to find the perfect antique accessory. (via Dream Green DIY)


8. DIY Concrete Paperweights: Regardless of your home decor style, solidity is one factor Scorpios can appreciate. Spruce up your desktop space with these concrete paperweights that’ll appeal to your grounded personality. (via Burkatron)

9. DIY No-Paint Black and White Curtains: If you’ve got some curtains in need of sprucing up, give them an elevated look with this DIY black and white pattern. The best part of this mess-free DIY is that it doesn’t require any paint! (via Cuckoo4Design)


10. DIY Abstract Art: Scorpios are recognized as one of the most mysterious of the zodiacs. Have your home reflect this notable trait with thought-provoking works of art, like this abstract watercolor print. (via Earnest Home Co.)


11. DIY Wood and White Desk Organizers: These desktop organizers will feed your need for clean, uncluttered surfaces. Their white and wood finish will further cater to your appreciation for mid-century modern aesthetics. (via Drawn to DIY)


12. DIY Subway Tile Candle Holder: As a sensual type, you’ve got quite the collection of candles to boast. If a couple of them can do with an aesthetic upgrade, make this candle holder that’ll add a sophisticated touch to any surface of your home. (via Drawn to DIY)


13. DIY Nightstand Makeover With Americana Decor Satin Enamels: True to your zodiac’s intense personality, you love your share of dark and brooding colors. Give your outdated nightstand a Scorpio-approved update with a wash of black paint finished off with matching black enamel knobs. (via By Brittany Goldwyn)

14. DIY Full Wall Industrial Piping Shelves: It’s no surprise your taste for dark colors and dense materials translates to an industrial home decor style. If you agree, install some piping shelves to give your space that quintessential warehouse look. (via One Broads Journey)


15. DIY Pendant + Leather Tassel: Mood lighting is one of the most important aspects of a Scorpion home. So light up your home with this DIY pendant featuring an industrial light bulb cage and a stylish burgundy leather tassel. (via Jojotastic)


16. DIY Lucite Bathtub Caddy: If bathing is one of your favorite pastimes, let yourself indulge in a pampering sesh with this luxurious bath caddy. This handy DIY is a great spot to set your bath salts, a candle or a book if you enjoy reading in the tub. (via A Beautiful Mess)


17. DIY Marble Lamp: A plain lightbulb gets a fancy upgrade thanks to a splash of modern marble. Use marble paper or sticker to achieve this chic finish. (via Weekday Carnival)


18. DIY Black Dip Dye Pillow: It’s likely you’ve come across the dip-dyed look if you keep up with decor trends. Bring the style favorite to your home by painting a plain white pillowcase half black. (via Homey Oh My)


19. DIY Painted Eye Statement Wall: Boring white walls won’t stand a chance once you’re done with this DIY. Not to mention, the mysterious eye pattern will appeal to your fascination with deciphering meaning from things. (via A Beautiful Mess)


20. DIY Hand-Brushed Containers: Give ordinary containers, cups and candle holders a bold transformation with as little as black paint. Plus, this DIY will save you money on this trendy decor look. (via Passion Shake)

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