Horoscopes can do everything from predict when you are going to fall in love to tell you if you should avoid pricey takeout for the next few weeks. Luckily for us, horoscopes can also give us an inside scoop about unique gift ideas our BFFs this holiday. Scroll on for 53 gifts perfectly suited to your BFF based on their astrological sign.

Best Gift Ideas for Aries


1. Agenda Planner Medium ($36): Aries are born competitors. Help them keep track of their daily rivalries with this open-dated, minimalist-modern planner, divided by year, month and week.


2. Hit Me With Your Best Snapshot Selfie Kit ($30): Although Aries tends to be self-oriented, that isn’t always a bad thing. Give your Aries the gift of the perfect selfie this holiday (fake mustaches and glasses included).


3. Golden Leaf Necklace ($68): Adventure is out there! At least, according to Aries. Whether you find them dreaming in the office or out exploring the trek, this one-of-a-kind gold-plated silver leaf necklace will serve as a daily reminder to take the path less traveled.


4. The Game of Life World Adventure ($60): Take the phrase “I win at life” to a whole new level with this new twist on an 1860 classic. Their Aries competitive side will swoon.


5. Sprocket Rocket Camera ($89): Whether your Aries is out adventuring or hanging with good friends, they’ll love this panoramic film camera. Not only will they be the talk of the town, but they’ll also be out enjoying life with their friends and capturing the beauty of everything around them.


6. Set of Painted Wooden Vase and Candle Holders ($25): Aries like to keep things simple (at least, that’s what they tell themselves). This beautiful colorblocked rose and light green set is elegance and simplicity at its finest. It’s perfect for the idealistic Aries in your life.


7. Girl You’re a Boss iPhone Case ($30): Aries are natural #GirlBosses. Celebrate their drive with this chic boss-approved snap case with enhanced protection and impact resistance.

Best Gift Ideas for Taurus


8. Patchouli, Lavender + Litsea Soap Bar ($7): Taurus is known to be extremely hot-headed. Give them the gift of relaxation this holiday with this dreamy lavender and litsea soap bar.


9. Mason Shaker Gift Set ($50): For the Taurus that isn’t too fond of change, try this ultra-adorable Mason jar cocktail shaker, muddler and jigger. As an added treat, slip in an invite for a girls’ night in.


10. Faux Cow Skull The Cheyenne Gold Resin ($85): There’s a reason why Taurus is the sign of the bull. Not only are they hot-headed, but they are also persistent, solid and oftentimes stubborn. Remind your Taurus of why you love them with a gold resin cow skull that’s hand painted to match any style of hanging wall home décor (and available in multiple colors!).


11. The Trouble With Trouble Flask ($25): You’ve probably bailed your Taurus out of jams a million times. Remind them of the good-times-turned-trouble with this tangerine flask that’s sleek enough to fit in a purse.


12. Calligraphy 101 Kit ($60): Brighten your Taurus’s fear of change with this old-timey flashback to days past. The kit comes with everything you need to make 12 custom cards and envelopes in punchy peacock, white and magenta.


13. Never Give Up Mug ($11): Taurus may be stubborn, but their motto is perfection: Never (never, never) give up.

Best Gift Ideas for Gemini


14. #Squad Tee ($12): Give the gift of #squadgoals this holiday to the natural born social butterflies.


15. Orb Cuff in Neon Pink and Gold ($16): Each of your Gemini’s personalities deserve to be showcased. Let them know you love all sides of them with this orb cuff in neon pink and gold.


16. Conversation Sparks Book ($13): Give your social bestie a treasure trove of conversation starters this holiday. It’s got everything from the number of shipping containers lost at sea (about one per hour!) to now-retired Twinkie flavors (banana cream).


17. Belkin iPad Mini Verve Tab Folio ($30): Talkative Geminis love to share what’s new. This stylish and bold Belkin iPad Mini case will allow them to share to their heart’s content (without fear of breaking their device if accidentally dropped).

Best Gift Ideas for Cancer


18. You Be My Thelma Towel ($24): They say a Cancer will never leave you. Show your BFF how lucky you are to have them as your other half with this iconically themed tea towel.


19. DENY Designs Rain 6 Throw Blanket ($80): Cancers love a good snuggle, and this ultra-plush, 100 percent polyester fleece is the perfect throw for the job. Machine washable and gorgeously designed, it’s Netflix and pizza night-approved.


20. Joseph Joseph Nesting Mixing Bowls and Measuring Set ($51): For the Cancer that loves cooking meals for their friends and family, this nine-piece nesting set in bright bolds is a must-have. The innovative design allows each element to be stacked neatly together, making apartment living a breeze.


21. Beautiful Day Dazzling Daily Trio Gift Set ($27): Cancer’s emotional heart tends to get them hurt easily. For the Cancer that’s having a rough go, lift their spirits with this daily regimen of super lathering shower gel, body lotion and skin-loving fine fragrance mist in green apple, pink poppies and dewy pear.

Best Gift Ideas for Leo


22. Chloe Foldover Wristlet ($215): Leos exude confidence and love bright and daring colors. Your Leo will adore this Chloe foldover wristlet. It’s perfectly functional (it has a back zipper to store frequently accessed items) and gorgeously bold.


23. Cake Boss Countertop Accessories Beechwood Recipe Box ($30): For the Leo that’s lord of the kitchen, try this countertop recipe box from TLC’s Cake Boss. It’s modern and elegant, and inscribed with a well-known Leo truth: my kitchen, my rules.


24. Roller Girl Nail Polish ($18): Leos thrive in the spotlight, and with this bright fuchsia and pink sparkle nail polish, they’ll always be center stage.


25. Grow Your Own Coffee Kit ($10): Combine your Leo’s coffee obsession with their hands-on approach to life with this DIY grow-your-own coffee kit (the packaging itself acts as a greenhouse!).

Best Gift Ideas for Virgo


26. B+C Adult Coloring Book ($10): Virgos are always in their own mind. Break them free with Brit + Co’s new pattern play coloring book, which has 78 gorgeous pages to de-stress and relax.


27. 2016 Floral Planner ($34): For the meticulous and organized Virgo, this floral planner by stationary guru Rifle Paper Co. is a must-have.


28. Hipster Vintage Deer Head Bright Patchwork Stripes Poster ($16): Virgos often present a calm and cool exterior while, in reality, their mind is going crazy. Let them know you love their true self with this vintage deer head patchwork poster that’s just as wild as they are.


29. Coaster Weaving Loom Kit ($60): Calm your Virgo’s active mind with this DIY coaster weaving loom kit from Fiber Huis. Each kit includes a handmade loom made from sustainably sourced mahogany wood, four different colors of wool yarn, two yarn needles and an instruction booklet.

Best Gift Ideas for Libra


30. Geometric Jewelry Kit ($35): Libras love balance and are always on the lookout for a little zen. Gift them this geometric jewelry kit (it makes two necklaces, one bracelet and one pair of earrings) to satisfy their inner need for symmetry.


31. Tiffany Piggy Bank ($125): What’s more luxe than a piggy bank from Tiffany and Co? Made from earthenware with hand-painted pink polka dots, it’s perfect for the Libra who loves the finer things in life.


32. Don’t Worry, Be Grumpy: Inspiring Stories for Making the Most of Each Moment by Ajahn Brahm ($14): How many times has your Libra BFF shared a heartwarming Upworthy video to your Facebook feed? Answer: probably a lot. Snag them this collection of inspiring stories by Ajahn Brahm to really show them you’ve been paying attention.


33. Vintage Rotary Phone ($50): Libras are diplomats, and their phone bill is probably through the roof with all the calls they need to make. This yellow vintage rotary phone may not solve any billing issues, but it sure will look good in their office.

Best Gift Ideas for Scorpio


34. Ice Cream Swirl Notebook ($12): Scorpios love to ask questions. Let them know you’re thinking about them this holiday season with this totally journal-able swirl notebook from Denik.


35. Humans of New York Stories by Brandon Stanton ($22): Your Scorpio’s penetrative mind will love this new installment from popular art series “Humans of New York.” Make sure to personalize it with your own note on the inside cover!


36. Blanket Knitting Kit ($106): The inquisitive Scorpio definitely needs this DIY blanket knitting kit with giant knitting needles that are handmade in Yorkshire.


37. Kimchi Blue Clean Colorblock Backpack ($54): For the Scorpio that’s always out and about, this modern everyday backpack from Kimchi Blue is a gifting win. Constructed from vegan leather, it snaps at the sides for space-optimizing options.

Best Gift Ideas for Sagittarius


38. Simple Cardholder Wallet ($8): Satisfy your Sagittarius’s optimistic personality with this super cute cardholder wallet in bright sunshine.


39. Large Wishbone Necklace in Rose Gold ($152): Good things just seem to happen to Sagittarius. Remind them of how fortunate they are with this wishbone necklace in beautiful rose gold.


40. “Nailed It” Nifty Notes Price ($5): Positivity is contagious. Let your Sagittarius spread the love with these sharable “nailed it” note cards that celebrate everything from makeovers to viral memes.


41. Fringe Studio Lemon + Ginger Soap Bar ($9): Bubble up some optimism by gifting Fringe Studio’s lemon and ginger soap bar to your Sagittarius this holiday. With free shipping when you spend $30, you might as well get one for yourself too!

Best Gift Ideas for Capricorn


42. Stay Focused Pouch ($12): The ambitious Capricorn in your life will love this pouch that’s so versatile, they can use it for pencils, makeup or change.


43. Faux Leather Analog Watch ($20): Keep your Capricorn focused all year round with this analog watch in faux leather and rose gold.


44. “Don’t Air Dirty Laundry” Laundry Bag ($48): This adorable Kate Spade laundry bag is perfect for your neat and tidy Capricorn. Whether they take it with them to the local laundromat or tuck it into a suitcase for an organized getaway, they’ll love its pretty and practical potential.


45. DIY Embroidery Kit ($15): Put your Capricorn’s patience and crafting skills to the test with this totally DIYable embroidery kit. For even more fun, get one for yourself too and keep each other motivated.

Best Gift Ideas for Aquarius


46. Heart Shape Sunglasses ($10): Quirky, fun and absolutely one-of-a-kind, you wouldn’t know what to do without your Aquarius. Heart them this holiday season with these adorably over-the-top sunglass stunners.


47. Prickly Paradox Pillow ($40): Gift your Aquarius something 100 percent original this holiday season, like this prickly paradox pillow from Modcloth.


48. Watermelon Ankle Socks ($5): Odds are, your Aquarius has the cutest collection of socks out of all of your friends. Go ahead and add these realistic watermelon toe-warmers to their collection!


49. Apple Juice Charger ($40): Aquarius are not down for boring, even with their tech. Liven things up this holiday with this apple juice-inspired phone charger.

Best Gift Ideas for Pisces


50. Cobalt Lemongrass Tea Wooden Wick Soy Candle ($32): Your spiritual Pisces will love this cobalt soy candle made from lemongrass tea. Hand-poured in the Bay Area, the candle uses essential old blends and wooden wicks, which emulate the sound of a fire while burning.


51. Hot Yoga Towel Geo ($39): For the yogi Pisces, this hot yoga towel in a bight geo print makes the ideal holiday gift. It’s lightweight, insanely absorbent and made with a microfiber material that dries in minutes.


52. S’well Water Bottle ($35): Keep your Pisces hydrated — after all, every yogi needs a great water bottle. This ultra-cute water bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours (and hot for 12), plus it doesn’t condensate.


53. Hi Filter Tea Pot ($30): Pisces are incredibly emotional and love all things spiritual. This David Birch tea pot with its patented stainless steel strainer screams girls’-day-in tea party.

What are you planning on getting your BFF for the holidays? We’d love to know in the comments!