Our favorite TV shows hold a special place in our hearts. The characters, the quotes, the sets… If only there was some way to pay homage to the programs you love most. Oh wait — there totally is. No, we’re not talking about taping up a poster, people. Here are 17 gorgeous pieces of wall art that will make your TV-loving heart go aflutter. If you want to get one of each of these and make the most epic TV-inspired gallery wall that ever was, we wouldn’t blame you for that. In fact, we’d only ask that you send some pictures our way.

1. Parks and Rec Prints ($30): So many great Ron Swanson quotes, so little time.

2. Bear Beets Battlestar Galactica ($10+): Who can forget that episode of The Office when Jim impersonates Dwight? Revel in the hilarious-ness of that scene forever with this iconic quote.

3. Twin Peaks Bunting ($8): When it comes to the ’90s cult classic Twin Peaks, there are almost too many iconic elements to choose just one thing, but the most important part of the show is definitely the quirky characters. Hang up this fun bunting that features illustrations of a whopping 16 characters.

4. Mad Men Motivational Poster ($5): You tell ’em, Don Draper.

5. Gilmore Girls Floor Plan ($10): If you are a hardcore Gilmore Girls fan but don’t necessarily want an illustration of Lorelai and Rory in your living room, this fun floor plan of their home is a super cool, subtle way to express your love for the show.

6. 30 Rock Food ($20): Oh Liz Lemon, you’re kind of like our foodie hero. No salads sans dressing for that gal – and that’s exactly why we love her.

7. Broad City Flash Sheet ($17): If you haven’t yet jumped on the Broad City train yet, you’re missing out. These two besties remind us of the true beauty of friendship – and how much of a mess your ’20s can be.

8. Friday Night Lights Print ($20): We have our fingers crossed that if we hang this in our bedroom it might somehow summon Tim Riggins. That’s totally possible, right?

9. Prada Print ($15): Your apartment may not be quite as luxurious as Serena Vanderwoodsen’s penthouse, but you can still add some Gossip Girl glam to your place with this gold Prada print.

10. Frank Underwood Minimalist Poster ($12): We recommend putting this one in your office for when you need some extra motivation to be a #boss.

11. Walking Dead ($16): Skip the gruesome zombie illustrations and go for this still slightly gory poster full of Walking Dead-approved weapons.

12. Orange is the New Black Poster ($13): Hang this in your house and watch as guests stare at it for a solid five minutes before they realize what it means.

13. Seinfeld Print ($17): Looking for a clever piece to decorate you kitchen with? Look no further.

14. Friends Quote Poster ($5): We were on a break!

15. Lucille Bluth Wall Decor Hoop: We feel like Lucille, from Arrested Development, would hate to see her face on an embroidery hoop, which is all the more reason to hang this up in your home ASAP.

16. Breaking Bad Van Print ($25): This print looks a lot more scenic if you pretend like you’re unaware of all the drugs being made inside that van.

17. Ygritte Print ($32): Forever in our hearts.

Are you in love with any of these? Which is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!