Does anyone else have a hard relationship with time? All of a sudden I look around and am like — where did it go?! (Same feeling I have with my paycheck after a sale at Lord & Taylor.) If you weren’t aware, 1) 2016 is almost over, and 2) Christmas is quickly approaching. To help us keep track of time, we’ve created a 12 days ’til Christmas calendar that is filled with marble and gold accents. Real talk: We might keep this up all year to help us count down to other important dates — the Grammies, my birthday, Halloween, etc.

Marbled Advent Calendar



Marbled Advent Calendar Materials


  1. Tape off a tall triangle on your wood board. Stain the background of the triangle using a paper towel.
  2. Once the stain has dried, peel off the tape and measure the height of your triangle. Divide by five and mark onto your wood.
  3. Place strips of balsa wood at every mark and trim so the wood is the length of the triangle.
  4. Glue the balsa wood to the base wood. Once the glue is dry, paint the wood gold or whatever color you choose.
  5. Use gold stickers or paint pen to draw numbers onto your tiles.

We got our board cut at a local hardware store, and it measures 15 x 25 inches. Tape off a tall triangle from the bottom corners to the center of the top of the wood board.


Stain the outer edge of the wood using a paper towel.


Once the stain is dry, peel off the tape.


Use your measuring tape to find five places to lay strips of balsa wood. Our wood measured about 25 inches, so we placed a strip at every five-inch mark. Use your Exacto knife to trim the wood to the length of the triangle at that five-inch marking.


Glue the balsa wood in place using wood glue. Let dry.

Marbled Advent Calendar

Paint the tree and balsa wood in gold or a color of your choice.

Marbled Advent Calendar

Add numbers to your hexagon tiles by using a paint pen or gold stickers. Real talk: I didn’t realize my gold numbers had a black box around every number — no bueno. Had to hand letter them instead :)

Marbled Advent Calendar

Stack them up on your tree — but then take them all down, because it is not 12 days until Christmas (yet).

Marbled Advent Calendar

Adding the number to the Christmas countdown calendar was a huge responsibility in the Bryden household. My sisters and I would argue about whose turn it was and who had more turns than the other. #cantmesswithchristmas

Marbled Advent Calendar

My time to shine! I finally got to put the last number on the advent calendar!

Marbled Advent Calendar

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Kurt Andre