We love typography—from hanging it on your wall, to displaying your initials, and decorating with it in general, we can’t get enough. Today we’ve found 30 fun, font-tastic ways to show off your design geek credentials. From delicate initial rings to statement necklaces that go from A to Z, there’s something for the type nerd in everyone.

Helvetica Necklace

1. Helvetica Necklace ($16): This bright red necklace from plastique* is an obvious choice to show off your design nerd status.

Catbird Alphabet Rings

2. Catbird Alphabet Rings ($56-$96): Available in gold or silver these delicate rings are made for stacking. We’d love to see the gold and silver together, too. Mixingmetals is the way to go!

Signature Necklace

3. The Signature Necklace ($195-$295): Have a great signature? Show it off in this version of the name plate necklace. Just be forewarned that it will take a while for them to make the necklace. If you don’t love your handwriting there’s also a calligraphy version.

Yolo Bracelet

4. YOLO Bracelet ($5): Show off your favorite motto with this name plate bracelet, or just use it as an excuse when you do something…out of the ordinary.

Crazy Town Ring

5. Say Yes Crazy Town Ring ($78): One of our favorite sayings on a a bold ring. We’ll definitely be buying this one. And if rings aren’t your style they also have a necklace.

Smile Necklace Birch

6. Smile Necklace Birch ($24): We love this motto from the CEO of Fab, and we love even more that we can wear it around our necks as a laser-cut birch pendant.

Pilcrow Pendant

7. Pilcrow Pendant Necklace ($14): Did you remember that the paragraph symbol is actually called a pilcrow? Show off your word nerd status with this pendant.

Initial Rings

8. Gorjana Alphabet Stackable Ring  $30): If the Catbird ones are out of your price range, try these sweet stackable rings with uppercase letters instead of lowercase.

As If Necklace

9. As If Necklace ($22): We’re pretty sure Cher and Dionne would have each had one of these necklaces.

Fashion Alphabet Type Watch

10. Fashion Alphabet Watch ($68): We know you know your ABCs, but this watch has a great back-to-school feel, and we’ll never say no to tone-on-tone purple.

It's Not You It's Me

11. It’s Me Necklace II ($119): Make having that talk easier with this shiny metallic name plate necklace.

Hashtag Studs

12. Hashtag Studs ($24): Show off your social media prowess with these studs. Though we will be tempted to make the #yourface joke.

Letterpress Necklace

13. Letterpress Necklace ($55): These type necklaces are incredibly subtle. They look just like rectangular pendants, but they have an embossed letter on the end—just like the type used in letterpress machines. They are also available in gold.

Cross Stitch Initial Pin

14. Cross Stitch Pin Kit ($22): You’ll have to do a little bit of stitching to make this pin, but you can customize your initial or another design if you choose.

Zodiac Nameplate Necklace

15. Zodiac Nameplate Necklace ($16): Don’t want to tell people your name? Show off your sign instead with one of these gold-plated chains.

Ampersand Studs

16. Ampersand Studs ($18): We love the simple lines of these ampersand earrings. They are actually just made from sterling silver wire, but considering we have to practice each time we draw an ampersand, we’d rather buy than DIY.

Read Necklace

17. Read Necklace ($45): Similar to our wire art wall signs (but in miniature!) this necklace is a good reminder to open a book (or e-reader) every once in a while.

Breathe Cuff

18. Breathe Cuff ($30): No matter which direction you’re wearing it, this bracelet will remind you to just take a deep breath and relax.

Love Studs

19. Love Studs ($9): Looking for a basic way to show your type love, these inexpensive studs are your best bet.

Kerning Ring

20. Kern Your Keep Ring Set ($15): Type nerds, this ring set is for you. You can wear the rings on adjacent fingers and kern the space in between.

Wooden Alphabet Necklace

21. Modern Wooden Alphabet ($38): If you want to take your jewelry collection from A to Z do so with this gorgeous wooden statement necklace.

Curly Bracket Earrings

22. Curly Bracket Earrings Sadly, we couldn’t find a link to purchase these, but there’s a contact page for the artist—you just might be able to commission a pair.

Semicolon Brooch

23. Semicolon Brooch ($8.50): A grammar guru’s favorite accessory, this clay brooch will show off your punctuation prowess.

Idiom Bangle

24. Steal the Show Idiom Bangle ($78): Perfect for movie night, this idiom bangle is a must-have for every film buff.

Merci Bracelet

25. By Phillippe Word Bracelet ($70): A little French flair around your wrist? Oui, bien sûr!

Sick Necklace

26. New Look SICK Necklace ($9): This necklace is, well, sick!

Imprint Ring

27. Personalized Imprint Name Ring ($157): Make your mark, literally, with this plain band. The embellishment is on the inside, and it leaves an impression of a word or name on your finger. It’s a fun idea for a wedding band.

To Be or Not To Be

28. To Be Or Not To Be Necklace ($17): If you want to get literary with your jewelry go for this Shakespearian necklace. It’s also available in bright cobalt blue.

Lulu Frost Number Ring

29. Lulu Frost Gold Code Ring ($440): No doubt these are the splurge baubles on the list, but they are done by famed jewelry designer Lulu Frost, and are inspired by vintage estate sale finds.

Command Z Necklace

30. Cmd Z Necklace ($22): This might be our favorite keyboard command, just for the sheer number of times it has saved our projects!

Which of these pieces is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!