Looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to mark your territory? Just got married and love your new initials so much you want to hang ’em up on your wall? Monograms aren’t just for L.L. Bean backpacks anymore – they make for great wall art, from the bedroom to the kitchen. Check out 22 fun ways to rock your favorite letters.

1. Blooming Monogram: With no relation to the bloomin’ onion, this blooming monogram is a great move for a birthday party, wedding, or other special occasion. For something more permanent, use handmade paper flowers instead of real ones. (via Parcel Post)

2. Custom Alphabet Frames ($250): These have a Kinfolk-for-kids quality to them, don’t you think? We love the different colors on each surface, and definitely want to try our hand at making a slightly more affordable DIY version.

3. Paper Pinwheels: Paper pinwheels never fail to impress, and even though they feel like an elementary school craft they can actually look quite beautiful when creating a letter or two. (via Once Wed)

4. Handpainted Still Life Monogram ($48 per letter): These gorgeous letters from Anthropologie have a different image on each letter. We think they’re ripe for an edition of DIY copycat ;)

5. Geometric Letters ($15 for two): Don’t these seem like they were lifted out of Pacman or some other retro video game? It would be pretty awesome to stock up on a whole bunch and make a giant word search on your wall.

6. Grassy Initials: You could make something similar with astroturf for a den or game room in your home – or perfect for a little boy’s room. (via Major Diamond Productions)

7. Vintage Illuminated Marquee Letters ($199 each): Create a full-on movie set in your home by grabbing a few of these beautiful illuminated letters from Restoration Hardware.

8. Giant Rosette Wall Letters: For the girly girl, we’re digging this letter covered with simple rosettes. (via The Fun, Cheap, or Free Queen)

9. Neon Letters Kit ($72 each): Spell out anything you want with these letters that simply plug together. Just be sure you order the right transformer to avoid watching your lights flicker out.

10. Letter Bookshelf: Looks like someone did figure out an easy way to create a letter bookshelf. Such a fun idea for pretty much any room in the house. (via Home Stories A to Z)

11. Italic Monogram Piñata: We’ve featured this one by Jordan Ferney before because we love it so much! It’s a piñata monogram – just the thing for your next big party. (via Oh Happy Day)

12. Succulent Monogrammed Planter Box: How gorgeous are these? We might need to get a Brit + Co. version for our new office! (via Rooted in Succulents)

13. Giant Letter Pillows: Forget about bean bags, giant alphabet pillows are the jam. (via Oh Happy Day)

14. Nail String Art: Though we chose to make words and pictures with our string art tutorial, you could also do this right on the wall and write your name or initials. (via Brit + Co.)

15. Library Letters ($20 each): Guess what these letters are made from? Old library books! While we can’t condone ruining perfectly good books, we’re all over this retro aesthetic.

16. Metallic Letters: Inspired by metallic letters seen at both flea markets and Anthropologie, we’re digging the industrial look of this kitchen decor. (via Creative Index)

17. DIY Vintage Marquee: Another one that boasts more than a few initials, this marquee is one of our favorite past projects. (via Brit + Co.)

18. Concrete Letter Bookends: These were created using the same letters we used to make our vintage style marquee! (via Eilen Tein)

19. Lego Initials: Add this one to your awesome Lego projects file. You have one of those, don’t you? (via Superixi on Etsy)

20. Acid Etched Letters ($12 each): The coolest part about these letters is that each letter has a gorgeous pattern etched into it. Mad props to Urban Outfitters for scouting these out.

21. Twine-Wrapped Letter Wreath ($20): One question, and one question only: Would MC Hammer approve? ;)

22. Gold Monogram Letter ($25 each): And last, go for the gold!

Do you have your initials, name, or monogram anywhere in your home? Which of these options do you like best? Share your thoughts in the comments below.