Of course when Tyra Banks launches a cosmetics line, it’s not just a cosmetics line. That’s because everything that Tyra does is next-level. She treats “the hallway like a runway” and smizes while others simply smile. And now, with the launch of Tyra Beauty, she’s turning her industry know-how and ability to coin fierce catchphrases into a full-fledged “cosmetics experience” that not only slings top model-approved makeup, but also gives YOU the chance to become a beauty entrepreneur.

“I believe makeup is the great beauty equalizer,” Tyra writes on the site. “With groundbreaking beauty technology and innovative formulas, I’m giving you the power to transform what you’ve got… into what you want.”

The America’s Next Top Model host’s 12-product line is divided into three categories: the stick-based TYover collection (read: Tyra + makeover = TYover) geared toward quick-fix beauty transformations like a two-minute contour kits ($35) and a six-minute complete face set ($75); Smize eye makeup, including the gloriously-named Smack My Fat Lash mascara ($28); and It Factory, a duo of statement-making lip colors. You can purchase these cosmetics through tyra.com, which also offers up tips + tricks that help you “fierceify” or, starting in December, you can snag the makeup from a Beautytainer, independent contractors hand-picked by Tyra who will act like new school Avon ladies who “work hard, werk harder and have a damn good time doing it!”

The move to mobilize those who eat, sleep and breathe beauty to work as “the CEOs of their lives” by selling Tyra beauty products seems like a natural move for Tyra, who has been turning everygirls into Cover Girls for 21 cycles on ANTM. And once you can get past all the smoke and mirrors of her brand (or rather in this case, the #selfies and Tyra talk), it’s evident that this is more than a business model; it’s a genuine mission. “We’re about Beauty, Business and Badassery,” Tyra writes on the site. “We will celebrate our unique beauty and business power together — one juicy, flat, dimpled, skinny, fat ass at a time!” And we have to agree, THAT is pretty badass.

Which of Tyra’s beauty products are you *going* to buy? Would you apply to be a Beautytainer — you’d officially have the most fierce #GirlBoss ever. Tell us what you think in the comments below.