No, not THAT Mile High Club, silly… there’s a much more creative club on the block these days.

Uber, the app that lets you hail a car or cab from your phone, is ready to take you and your Valentine off-road this February 14. On Friday between 10am and 6pm PST, Uber users in Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas and New York will be able to open up the app like normal, choose UberSKY and pen a 12-character message in the sky for their loved one for $500. Safe to say, proposals should be done on the ground to avoid any confusion.

This isn’t the first outside-the-black-car stunt Uber has pulled. They delivered cars and kittens to doorsteps for National Cat Day, they’ve let users hail ice cream trucks in July and promoted an Independence Day launch in the Hamptons by offering $3,000 helicopter rides.

Although this IS a really fun idea, it’s tough to consider it a #PricelessSurprise when it is $500 and, I don’t know, won’t the skies be filled with messages in those cities on Friday? Your SO will GChat you and be like, “UGH omg I just saw ANOTHER one of those dumb sky messages.” It may be too much, but it could be a really creative gift as well.

If you like the idea but don’t think you can come up with $500 by V-Day, may we suggest a little sky writing hack instead? Take a pretty pic of the sky around where you live and Photoshop (tutorial here!) a sweet message on it. Post to Instagram and pretend like your Valentine totally missed it. We won’t tell!

Or with only 12 characters allotted anyway, you can just hope that they have a common enough name that there’s overlap. Yes, Ryan/Matt/John/Josh that was from me to you. Duh.

What’s the weirdest, but best thing you’ve ever done for your Valentine? What would you write in the sky for your boo?

(Featured image h/t Raceytay on Etsy!)