We’ve been trying for years to get over our shoe addiction and at this point, we think we’ve finally devised a sound plan: If you can’t beat ‘em, organize ‘em. Tie up a pair of sneaks or wiggle into your favorite wedges, it’s time to join us in our journey to shape up our shoe problem with DIY ideas that will hopefully inspire you to organize… and not just buy more shoes. Sorry if the latter happens.

1. Wooden Crate Closet: Our favorite type of weekend project has a weekend trip actually worked into it. Hit up your local winery, farm, flea market or antique store for wooden crates of the same size. Turn those bad boys into a shoe closet like this one to add a rad rustic touch to your wall of Manolos. (via Home Jelly)

2. Shoe Wall Art: Shoe organization + wall art, yes, our hearts are bursting with LOVE at the mere thought. Display your works of wearable art on shelves with sweet art like our crafty girl crush Elsie Larson did. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Handmade Coat Rack: Make a coat rack for less than $75 with this handy tutorial and use it to keep coats hung and outdoor shoes off the ground in a smaller space. (via You Have Broken the Internet)

4. Old Book Boxes: Add a little whimsy to your closet by using pages from old children’s books (this DIYer used an old fave, Blueberries for Sal!) to cover cheap boxes holding your shoes. (via Design Sponge)

5. Campaign Style Shelves: Using Target shelving and a gold Sharpie, this blogger updated her and hubs’ shoe storage into an enviable little footwear focal point. So easy, so chic! (via Our Fifth House)

6. Shoe Ladder: Hook heels onto the rungs of an older, wooden flea market find or a newly-painted climber that’s begging for an accent wall to rest against. (via Design Sponge and Real Simple)

7. Crown Molding Shoe Rack: Give your walls a pop of color with bright crown molding that makes for an easy, easy-to-look-at hanging heel rack. (via Jenna McArthur)

8. DIY Shoe Hangers: No. Wire. Hangers. EVER! Wait, except when making your own shoe hangers like here. (via Oh So Pretty)

9. Wine Box Shoe Storage: Repurposing an empty wine box into sneaker storage is an organization hack worth cheers-ing over. College students can easily close up the box to pack it later or if your roots go deeper than dorms, decorate the outside with pretty paper to give it staying power in a closet or entryway. (via Three Years of Death)

10. Chalkboard Labels: Label clear boxes using leftover chalkboard paint to make shoe labels on clear storage containers. (via This Sarah Loves)

11. Strappy Wall Shoe Storage (about $17 each): In a more modern version of the crown molding project above, you can use Droog straps to hang flats and sandals on your wall.

12. Upcycled Storage Crates: Prime and paint old storage crates to hang on the wall and pretty up your average mudroom. (via Decor Hacks)

13. Shoe Bookshelf Headboard: A good Ikea hack goes a long way around here. Use the old faithful Expedit (which, FYI, you might have to promise your first born for since it’s been discontinued) or another similarly square, open shelving system as a shoe-decorated headboard. Bonus points if the kicks match the room’s color scheme, like this pastel overachiever. (via The Order Obsessed)

14. Lazy Shoe-san: Sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun — but there’s nothing funny about this seriously slick way to stack your shoes. (via All Day Chic)

15. Shoe Pallets: We won’t tell if you won’t that this brightly-colored project started as a dumpster DIY! (via Apartment Therapy)

16. Bright Accessories Closet: Who wouldn’t be inspired to keep their boots, flats and heels all in a row in this sunny accessories closet? Use a favorite color to accent the walls and frames to showcase jewelry and sunglasses. (via Arianna Belle)

17. Instagram Shoeboxes: Label your boxes with Polaroids or Instagrams fixed to simple shoeboxes in solid colors (we like the white, but might try for some jewel tones sprinkled in) for the ultimate dream closet. (via El Mueble)

18. Shoe Shelves: Line up your most colorful kicks to decorate a painted shelf. Let them mingle with the usual shelf fair: frames, books, lamps or knick knacks. (via Brabourne Farm)

19. DIY Shoe Bench: We get it, shoes and crates are a match made in organizational heaven. Create a colorful shoe bench ottoman using a fruit crate, spray paint and a favorite fabric. (via DIY Craft Projects)

20. Footwear Folders: File flip flops and flats in folders where you’d normally stash mail and magazine. It’ll give you incentive to pay those bills so there’s room for shoes, right? (via Fabulous Home Blog)

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