You know you’re getting deep into holiday mayhem when your penchant for ordering that peppermint mocha as a treat turns into a daily ritual. Yup, just as our moods need some pep to get us through the season, so do our tired-looking eyes and dark circles. We know you don’t want to look like you’re ready to take a long winter’s nap, so we gathered some new beauty products and a few tried-and-true favorites to make those dark circles essentially disappear. With diligent use, those puffy, sad-looking eyes will go into hiding well after January 1 too. Scroll down to see what you can use to get those bags packing.


1. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Volume Filler Eye Treatment ($15): Derms are using injections of hyaluronic acid to fill in dark circle hollows — and it works. This unique gel-cream formula has the same idea. It plumps the area with hyaluronic acid, filling and boosting sunken-looking circles, while caffeine jump-starts circulation, brightening up the dark shadows.


2. The Estée Edit Instant Wake-Up Eye Refresh Pack ($12): When you need more than a Starbucks run, turn to this contoured mask offering up a refreshing blend of aloe, cucumber and caffeine to reboot a tired look in 10 minutes. After you peel it off, your eyes will look less puffy, well rested and revived (even if you’re dragging on the inside).


3. It Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream ($48): This cream is super intense, boasting a blend of copper, vitamin C, blue algae and peptides to lighten up puffy peepers and crow’s feet. Tap it on gently morning and night to firm up a saggy under-eye sitch and lessen the look of raccoon eyes.


4. Philosophy Uplifting Miracle Worker Eye Cream ($69): Do you know the cold spoon trick? Freeze a metal spoon, apply it under your eye, and the cooling sensation constricts blood vessels to tighten, take away puffiness and smooth. This ceramic-tipped tube takes that idea to the next level. The cooling tip has the same effect but also dispenses a yeast, rye and marine plant extract formula that gives your eyes a smoother, firmer and more radiant look.


5. Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Turbo Boost Hydragel ($21): Last one to leave the office holiday party? Sleep with your head slightly elevated on two pillows (it keeps fluid flowing and prevents pooling around the eyes), and take two drops of these the next morning. The cooling cucumber and rice peptide lotion have a dose of ginseng to rev up the under-eye area, lightening up dark shadows and clearing away puffiness, so you’re ready to face your boss and co-workers.


6. My Life, My Shop Eye Roller ($60): Roll away your puffiness with this tool, which has a stainless steel roller head for targeted cooling underneath eyes. Since icy temps have been known to flush fluid out (and using ice directly is not only freezing, but can irritate your skin), this handheld device is super easy and fun. Simply keep it in the freezer and use it anytime you need a de-puffing boost. Bonus: It’s perf for rolling on post-waxing areas and post-workout sore muscles too.


7. Preparation H Maximum Strength Pain Relief Cream ($6): Okay, we so know what you’re thinking, but the shrinking ingredients in this aloe-infused cream make this a beauty-insider fave. The secret is that it causes the muscles around the blood vessels to constrict, deflating puffiness and lightening up dark circles brilliantly. Squeeze out just a drop and pat it underneath in a circular motion to get the max effect, keeping it away from the waterline to prevent eye irritation.

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