You know how people say that pets often look like their owners? Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani has taken this concept to a whole new level with his “Undercats” series. By swapping out human faces for feline ones, Magnani was able to create provocative art that’s making us do a double-take.

These hilarious, yet creepy portraits were created just as you’d imagine. The photographer essentially replaced each cat owner’s face with the one of their cat. We never realized how strange it would feel to see a cat with long, blonde dreadlocks. Now we know.

It’s clear that we have a healthy obsession with all things #cats, so naturally, we’re digging the creativity behind these swapped out photos. You know you want to hop on Photoshop to make one of your own. And in case you dog lovers are pouting, there is an “Underdogs” series, too. You’re welcome.

Which cat owner swap is your fave? Sound off in the comments below and share a favorite photo series that you’ve clicked across recently!

(h/t Designboom)