You know all of that fun blondes are busy having? It can come at the cost of potentially damaging, fading or mistreating our oft color-treated locks. Especially when we’re tempted with the summer fun of pool parties and sun rays. We would never want you to miss out on the good times, so we’ve collected these 11 ways to own your blond locks between your time spent at the beauty salon.

1. Ask for Toner With Your Next Dye Job: The white-blond effect will prevent bleached brassiness for up to six weeks. Some salons always apply a toner after bleaching, but we recommend requesting an application just in case. (via eHow)

2. Unite Blonda Toning Shampoo and Conditioner ($26): Use a purple-tinted toning shampoo at home for controlled white-blonde effect. When you’re done bowing down to Julianne Hough’s blond locks circa last year’s Golden Globes, steal her style with Unite products. (Photo)

3. Fudge Hot Hed Violet ($16): This moisturizing creme is everything you could ask for and more. Not only does it gradually tone and maintain your color, it protects hair from heat styling as well. It’s as easy as towel dry, apply, style.

4. Dry Shampoo: Lean in to your roots. If you can avoid greasy hair, you can master the look. Dry shampoo is your new best friend.

5. Packable Fedora ($29): Warm weather doesn’t have to mean bidding adieu to a bad hair day’s best friend. Cover those roots and go blonde and proud in a breezy, summer-friendly hat.

6. Ion Swimmer’s Shampoo ($7): You may have escaped that dreaded green tint after taking a dip in the pool, but because blonde hair is more porous than darker tones, chlorine can stick around causing frizz and split ends. Play it safe and wash with swimmer’s shampoo once a week during pool season.

7. Redken UV Rescue Blonde Guard ($20): Redken’s UV Guard, specialized for blond hair, will prevent damage and fading from sun exposure, and one bottle should last you a whole summer’s worth of excursions.

8. Don’t Over Wash: If you’re washing your hair every day, you’re doing it wrong. Just how often you should shampoo and condition depends on your own body chemistry, but shampooing each day will strip hair’s natural oils, compromising your color. (via Lauren Conrad)

9. Suds the Roots, Condition the Ends: If you’ve been washing your hair the same way since you were a tot, it may be time to change it up. Noticing brittle ends and greasy roots? Try focusing your shampoo to your roots, and start conditioning halfway down the shaft of your hair for better balance. (via Daily Makeover)

10. John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss ($10): Whether you prefer your color cool or warm, this unique product caters to your closest hair color match to restore stripped pigment between colors.

11. Self Tanner: Craving a quick fix? While we love to DIY, you should avoid the temptation to bleach at home. Instead, spend that money on a spray tan or self-tanner. Blonde hair will look lighter and feel beachier swinging against sun-kissed shoulders. (via Allure)

Do you rock your blond locks? Share your golden secrets in the comments.