Like a good love story? Yeah, we thought so. And we’ve got them in spades. Or more accurately, The Sidekick Series has ’em in spades. They’re making short YouTube documentaries about adopted pets and their happy human moms and pops. But they’re not just collecting these stories for your entertainment. They’re doing it in an effort to bring to light how important rescuing animals is and how both owner and animal benefit from the bond.

Creators Emily Sheskin and Suzanna Schumacher have full time jobs and do the series on their free time, getting up early before work, forgoing social obligations and just spreading their heartwarming messages all around the interwebs.

Currently, most of the animals come from Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue and their stories are all over the place. One of our favorites is about a woman named Stacey who adopted a doggie named Rue. When Stacey met Rue, the shelter didn’t know much about Rue except that she was found on a street somewhere in West Virginia, taken to a high-kill shelter, had lots of bald spots and fleas and was severely underweight. So Stacey scooped Rue up, took her home and nursed the pup back to health. But that’s not all Stacey did. She also gave Rue a backstory… by making one up and writing it down… in musical form. And no joke, her musical play is being performed at the NY Children’s Theatre Festival, April 25-27.

Then there’s Mike and his rescue cat Schrodinger, who like to do Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette impressions together.

And there’s even a tale about an adorable one-eye cat named Nelson who escaped a hoarding situation to live in the happy home of his now owner Merrill. You guys. There is so much to love about this web series.

If video isn’t your jam (say what!?), they also have a tumblr where you can read additional stories.

Have you checked out The Sidekick Series? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments below!