You get yourself to the beach with your swimsuit in tote, ready for the sun and sand. Then, you wait for a half an hour to get into the bathroom just to change into your suit before you can hit the waves. The Undress is gonna help. At first glance, The Undress looks like a long, casual dress — but it’s actually a mobile changing room disguised as a long, casual dress. The San Diego founders are currently in the middle of a (successful!) crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and if all goes as planned, The Undress will be ready to ship early next year.

The Undress is specifically designed to help you change clothes in public without flashing anybody or ever getting naked. It’s equipped with lots of hidden features to help make your transition easy. You don’t even need a friend to hold up a towel against a wall or to climb into the backseat of your car to use it. The dress is made in the USA (yay) with moisture-wicking material and a specially engineered, 3D printed “Hook and Handle” technology to help you change.

It’s lightweight and packable, so you can take it with you anywhere.The Undress sees their dress as a useful product for women on the go — runners, triathletes, surfers and beach bums, yogis, shy ladies in the locker room, models, performers and travelers.

You’ve got until November 1 to reserve your style and size. The lower price points are going fast, but last time we checked, there were still about 10 left for $69. Better get over to that Kickstarter page and get yours, stat.

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