When The Hills premiered on MTV in 2006, reality TV was still finding its footing. The sort of real life-meets-scripted that鈥檚 now de rigeur was novel enough at the time that fans were often frustrated by producers鈥 insistence the show was entirely real, and the series ending, with the background revealed to be a studio set, was extremely polarizing. This week, series star and girlboss extraordinaire Lauren Conrad took us on a trip down memory lane during MTV鈥檚 The Hills 10th anniversary special.

The friendship between Lauren and Heidi was really the heart of the show, as has been noted elsewhere; that goes a long way to explaining why the last two seasons sort of fizzled. With Lauren departing the show partway through season five and her former Laguna Beach foe Kristin Cavallari taking over, the emotional center of the show was long gone. Even the eternally wise Lo Bosworth, who can express more emotion with one eyebrow than most of us can with our whole body, couldn鈥檛 save those last sad episodes. For that reason, most of the moments below deal directly with Lauren and Heidi鈥檚 friendship.

1. The Paris trip

Who didn鈥檛 cringe when Lauren chose love 鈥 or what she thought was love 鈥 over the chance to work for Teen Vogue in Paris for the summer?! Oof. No cute boyfriend and Malibu summer house are worth that. You could totally see the disappointment on editor Lisa Love鈥檚 face, even after the summer ended. 鈥淒id that work out for you?鈥 Lisa asked at the beginning of season two. Way to twist the knife, Lisa.

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2. 鈥淵ou have chosen.鈥

Of all the petty ways to shut a person down, telling them something like 鈥測ou don鈥檛 have to choose between me and your new boyfriend I hate鈥 but you have鈥 has got to be in the top five. I鈥檓 not making you choose him over me, but you鈥檙e doing it anyway! Lauren is, of course, usually the hero of The Hills, but this was cold.

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3. 鈥淵ou know what you did!鈥

One of the revelations to come out of last week鈥檚 The Hills 10th anniversary special was the fact that producers essentially set up the confrontation between Heidi and Lauren at Les Deux in the third season premiere. With Lauren believing Heidi and Hills uber-villain Spencer Pratt started a rumor about her and ex-boyfriend Jason, she (understandably!) didn鈥檛 want to be around the pair. But producers knew the meetup would lead to the fireworks viewers wanted, so they had all three show up at a party, leading to Lauren uttering the instantly infamous accusation.


4. 鈥淚 want to forgive you鈥 and I want to forget you.鈥

By the end of season 3, Heidi had been living with Spencer for a while and was starting to chafe at the insular world the two of them had created. She decided to try reaching out to both Lauren and Audrina, leading to the conversation in the apartment Lauren had once shared with Heidi, in which Lauren made it perfectly clear that while she was no longer angry, she had no love left in her heart for her former bestie.

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