All those artistic skills you’ve honed Snapchatting mini masterpieces to friends are about to come in handy for some artwork that will enjoy a more permanent placement. Uniqlo just launched their new UTMe! app, which lets you design one-of-a-kind t-shirts with just three things: your smartphone, your finger and your imagination.

We were *happy* to rock Pharrell’s line of Uniqlo UT shirts, but we’re ecstatic for this. The app (free to download for iOS and Android now!!) lets you turn a plain white tee into a piece of art that you then get to wear. With pride! ‘Cause you made it. Decorate your cotton canvas with photos from your phone, uploaded illustrations you’ve made, new “Paint-ed” pictures made within the app or straight up text.

From there, it’s reeeeemix time, baby. You could stop, but this is so much fun, right? The app offers “filters” that are a little more exciting and a lot more interactive than the Rise and Valencia you’re used to.

Choose from Splash to splatter your pic with ink blots, Glitch to degrade the picture or text and Mosaic to turn what you’ve made into a mosaic pattern. Pick your remix style and shake your phone til you have the effect you want. And, of course, feel free to go color crazy. You know you have our stamp of approval on that.

One of our favorite parts of the UTme! experience is the communal showcase where you can browse and share other’s tees. Heart your fellow creatives’ designs and get their “recipes” — Photo x Glitch + Typography x Splatter = this awesome shirt.

The app is free to DL for iOS and Android, but unless you live in Japan, you can’t order a shirt and see your design come to life just yet. We’ll give you a heads up when UTme! makes it stateside. Why not use the app as a launchpad for ideas and get DIY happy ’til you can press print. And if you want, go ahead and add fashion and graphic designer to your LinkedIn now. We won’t tell.

What do you think of UTme!? Share your favorite personalized article of clothing or accessory below!