If you’ve been swiping through Tinder and clicking around OKCupid, you’re on the wrong app, sister. 26-year-old San Franciscan Molly Mitchell has been showing off her true love on Snapchat and it’s not going to annoy you like some other social media displays of affection might. That’s because Molly’s boyfriend isn’t real.

But he’s real perfect. Meet George — George Glass, Molly’s doodled boo who makes regular appearances in her Snapchats to friends.

And you thought you had some impressive Snapchat artists in your contact list. Molly’s quickie masterpieces are serious art installations in their own right and, thanks to the longer-lasting power of Instagram, we’re able to showcase some more of our favorites below…

Come for the art — stay for the laughs.

Molly gave us the scoop on how the Snapchats started: “I started snapping pics with the boif as a way to keep friends from coast-to-coast up to date on my colorful love life — at first just a few friends but as our love grew, so too did the list of witnesses… I noticed an increasing number of screenshots being captured by friends. That’s when it clicked, everyone wants to capture real love at the end of the day, don’t they?”

Real love is great, but three “Likes” for hilarious performance art on social media!

Ugh, save some good ideas for your engagement pics, you two!

We’ll leave you with some advice from Molly to other girls looking for love on social media: “Take a chance on love. I did and now I’m one half of a match made in app heaven, ya know? The person you’re meant to be with may be in your phone *right now.*”

And, of course, we had to ask — does George have a brother?! “Yes! My boifriend is one of five… family is evvvverything to him. I mean, how did I get so lucky??” How, indeed. Ladies, there’s still hope for us.

It’s time to nominate the Snapchatterbox in your life for some praise that lasts longer than six seconds! Share a screenshot of an equally adept Snapchat artist below or Tweet ussss @BritandCo!