As summer begins to rear its head, that annual vacay is just around the corner. But where to?! If you鈥檝e yet to plan anything, it鈥檚 not too late. Sure a trip to London or Paris might empty your bank account if you go during peak tourist season, but if you鈥檙e up for adventuring to somewhere a little less popular, it could be just as memorable AND probably about a million times less crowded (not to mention potentially less expensive). For some expert advice on which up-and-coming destinations to check out, we asked four female travel experts for their recommendations while at the 2016 Women鈥檚 Travel Fest in NYC.

Chile鈥檚 Wine Country

Spring Vineyard. Elqui Valley, Andes, Chile

Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel says, 鈥淥ne of the things that I recently wrote about and am crossing my fingers to go to is Chile鈥檚 wine country. We talk a lot about wine country in California and France but Chilean wine is so amazing. They have a whole region dedicated to wine. Just like you would in Napa, they had different wines based on the region and it鈥檚 not always available in the states but it鈥檚 really great wine and it doesn鈥檛 get enough praise.鈥

New Orleans + Puerto聽Rico

People Walking Around in the French Quarter

Beauty expert and the founder of Passport 2 Pretty Kenecia Lashae tells us, 鈥淟ast year I spend my whole year out of the country and when I told people I was from America they鈥檙e so excited and you鈥檙e like 鈥極h, really?鈥 So I want to call this year my American pretty tour because I鈥檓 taking more time to explore what we have here. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the whole country. It has that je ne sais quoi, that feel of France with really good food. But also explore Puerto Rico because it鈥檚 the Caribbean too and you don鈥檛 need a passport to go. It helps Americans travel more when they go to destinations like that. They don鈥檛 feel like they鈥檙e going too far away from home but they鈥檙e also appreciating and showing pride in their country.鈥


Zebras of Ngorongoro

Stephanie Flor of Around the World Beauty says, 鈥淚 think Tanzania is a great place for young travelers. Africa itself has some of the youngest entrepreneurs that are uprising. It鈥檚 actually really safe. I think for Americas tours specifically, when you go around Africa it just expands the mind. Tanzania is a place that has never been on the forefront for travel but is now becoming the newest places to visit.鈥


Beautiful Mont tremblant in Quebec, Canada.

Shayla Martin, a freelance travel writer told us, 鈥淚 recently went to Montreal and was obsessed with it. I think for Americans who want to go abroad but can鈥檛 afford it, Montreal is just like Paris. It feels so much like France. Everything from the little corner bakeries where you go in for their fresh bread to all the people speaking French鈥 I remember calling my dad and telling him, 鈥業鈥檝e crossed the pond!鈥

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