When you’re off on a major adventure to a remote spring travel destination, the last thing you want to do is spend tons of time getting ready in the hotel (or, okay, hostel). If you’re hoping to trade your normal routine for that wanderlust kind of glow, travel and beauty expert Stephanie Flor has a few tips you kind of need to know. It turns out, it’s all about the pre-travel prep. While at the Women’s Travel Fest in NYC last weekend, Stephanie (who hosts beauty travel tours all across the globe) shared her pre-adventure beauty routine. Scroll on down to discover (and copy) all her expert-approved tips and tricks.

travel beauty prep

1. Splurge on lash extensions. This one is admittedly a little bit luxurious, but if you can swing the expense (or find a Groupon), it could totally be worth it. Stephanie says, “I can go swimming with them and not have to worry about ruining my makeup. I can go with no makeup everywhere and anywhere and I still feel beautiful and confident.” The low maintenance involved in lash extensions also makes it easy to ease up on other parts of your beauty routine. Throw on some tinted moisturizer and maybe a red lipstick, and you’re off.

2. Touch up your roots. Why roots? Stephanie explains, “Just by getting your roots done you’re opening the pores of your hair, and that’s going to create a lot more volume for at least two weeks.”


3. Treat yourself to a gel mani. Both Stephanie and Kenecia Lashae (another makeup artist who spoke at Women’s Travel Fest) warned ladies to be careful about getting manicures abroad. Kenecia recalls one time when she treated herself to a mani in Mexico City and almost came back without a finger. Yikes! If you want to keep your nails looking great throughout your whole trip, gel manicures should last for a full week or maybe even two, if you apply a top coat every few days.

4. Build a base tan before you depart. If you’re headed somewhere super sunny and have fair skin, the question often arises of how to avoid immediately burning upon your arrival. Stephanie suggests getting a base tan before you leave. Head to the tanning salon for one or two sessions, or – if you’re really not into the extra UV rays – instead opt for a spray tan. Just darkening your skin tone a few shades can do a lot to help protect you from burning.

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