We hate to be trite, but please excuse us for a moment so we can prove a point. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. We’re talking textbooks, Russian novels that you couldn’t get through, and literary wonders that just don’t fit in your pint-sized apartment anymore. If you’re about to put them in the recycling bin, hold up. We’ve found 18 ways to deal with your pulp affliction: Upcycle your books! Ready for ’em? Let’s get it tome!

1. Pins ($16): We’re sort of obsessed with the maker of these pretty pins, earrings, and necklaces. Firstly, because Laura Bruland of Yes & Yes Designs came up with this genius concept. Secondly, because she rocked a Kickstarter campaign and now has a laser cutter in her home. Totally jeal.

2. Paint it White: Your super sleek apartment is begging for this. Just paint some big books white and stack ‘em high. Instant bedside table. (via Sanna + Sania)

3. Book Mobile ($78): Sorry baby. But this mobile isn’t for you. This is a very artful one reserved for adults only.

4. Picture Frame ($30): Take note. Reader’s Digest Condensed Books are kind of throwaways… except! They have the sweetest cover art on the planet. Here is one that’s been turned into a very eye-catching frame.

5. Bouquet: Wedding bouquets are crazy expensive. So why not put in some (wo)man hours and make your own with pages of old books and magazines. These particular stems were made out of an Anthropologie’s catalogue, but you could easy use your favorite love story. (via Chelsey Paul Photography)

6. Jewelry Box: If you’ve got some family jewels that you want to hide away, we think this clandestine hardcover is the way to go. (via Sincerely, Kinsey)

7. Installation: The talented artisans behind Inviting Occasion created this incredible installation for what must have been one incredible wedding. (via Loot Vintage Rentals)

8. Headboard: This is undoubtedly a fitting job for your favorite bedtime stories. (via Joy)

9. Bookwall: Umm, how about using books as decor by doing absolutely nothing but lining a wall of shelves with them? The correct answer is a resounding yes. (via Quinn Cooper Style)

10. Secret Box: If you have kids (and even if you don’t), it’s hard to keep a clutter free house. We love this way of hiding away the mess by turning a bookshelf into a secret storage unit. (via Bright Nest)

11. Employee of the Month ($7): Does anyone use a tangible dictionary anymore? (If so, you do know about dictionary.com, right?) We’re totally crushing on this Seattle-based graphic designer’s reuse methods.

12. Bed Frame: That ugly metal thing holding up your mattress should be in the car and on its way to GoodWill right about now. (via Shoot Factory)

13. Succulent Planter: This is a DIY that you need to hop on ASAP. (via Apartment Therapy)

14. Become a Sculptor: Nicholas Jones cuts, folds, carves, sews, and tears books into beautiful sculptures. The one shown here is one of our favorites, but you really have to check out his website to get the full effect of everything he’s capable of. It truly is astonishing. (via Nicholas Jones)

15. Bird’s the Word ($240): Here’s another artist you can put in your biblio-file. Keri Muller is busy hitting the books down in Cape Town, and we think this particular creation is especially fly.

16. Tablerunner: If your dinner date turns out to be a bore, you’ve got reading material to keep you entertained. (via Style Me Pretty)

17. Table Lamp: To serve as a constant reminder that studying in the dark is going to cause you to go blind, a DIY reading light just for you! (via HGTV)

18. Book Clutch: We’re not going to lie. We’re pretty pleased with how this clutch turned out, and that’s exactly why we made a tutorial just for you. Bookmark it now. (via Brit + Co.)

Are you the author of another bookish DIY? Pen us a page in the comments below!