Designing a space can be overwhelming, especially one that seriously lacks in square footage. But don’t sweat it. We’re here to help. Like that time we showed you clever solutions for small spaces, this time we’re back to kick up your interior design skills with five foolproof tips for a creating the illusion of a more spacious bedroom.

1. Let in The Light: Any room will appear bigger when it’s well-lit with natural light. Removing heavy, dark draperies and replacing them with light and airy options (or none at all) will enhance any area. (via Avenue Lifestyle)

2. Choose Light, Soft Hues: Dark paint colors tend to close in a space and make it feel much smaller than it really is. Benjamin Moore’s new 2014 collection will make your bedroom light and airy, while still adding a fresh pop of color. (via Benjamin Moore)

3. Functional Furniture: Choosing furnishings that serve another function don’t have to be cliche. Try using bookshelves for stacking sweaters and funky, colorful baskets to store your well-curated shoe collection. (via Car Mobel)

4. Clear Out the Clutter: Nothing feels better than ridding your life of things you haven’t used since the dinosaur age. We promise you’ll feel a lot better, and your clear and clean space will happily repay you in square footage. (via Homelife)

5. Adding Mirrors to the Mix: The old trick of the trade! Create an illusion of a wider room by adding reflective elements above and below. I love a great mirror collage or leaning a huge mirror up against a bedroom wall works wonders. (via Recently)

What tips or tricks have you tried for making the most of a small space? Talk to us in the comments below.