Bookends are one of those functional home decor items that can be easily overlooked. As much as a can of soup may do the trick, a set of modern page props can really compliment the look of an entire room. Be it a bold statement piece or an accessory that adds a perfect finishing touch, give your books something cool to lean on like these 22 original bookends.

1. Knowledge in the Brain ($180): This resin-made designer bookend offers a geometric take on the human form. The head separates straight down the center of the crag-filled face to reveal a gold color blocked brain – score!

2. Keyboard Symbols ($23): Show some offline keyboard love with these bookends. The metallic finish gives the traditional typing icons a twenty-first century edge perfect for any sleek office or study.

3. Purple Puppy ($24): Need a guard dog for your rare book collection? This monochrome ceramic pooch obediently holds them in place. Not to mention, it’s almost as adorable as the real thing!

4. Lemon Wedge ($31): Add a perfect pop of color to your space with this cheery citrus slice bookend. Laser-cut for strength and precision, this bold design certainly leaves a sweet taste in our mouths.

5. Corkboard Planters ($50): We’re ready to high five the mastermind behind this durable, multi-purpose bookend for saving us some serious desk space. This model is a succulent planter, pencil holder, note board and bookend all in one!

6. YOLO ($63): This metal bookend takes the adventurous nature of this acronym to new literary heights. Seize the spirit of this phrase and go crazy with your next impulse read.

7. Brackets ($53): Minimal yet graphic, this versatile bookend can complement any space. Moustache lovers, do you see what we’re seeing? These black brackets are even velvety to the touch!

8. Aubock Bookends ($585): This symmetrical work of art is a super cool triumph in the unity of art and design by one of the leaders of Austrian Modernism. Keep your most prized printed collection between these museum-quality designs.

9. “Book End” (about $27): Is there a direct correlation between being an avid reader and a smarty pants? This bookend makes us think so, and we’re still chuckling over its the cheeky sense of humor.

10. Balloon Animals ($39 each): These colorful poodle-shaped bookends are perfect for a library full of books for any age. Get playful and arrange each slip-resistant poodle nose to nose or tail to tail around your books.

11. Small Shapes ($160): Quirk up your classic novels with these whimsical shapes that come in sets of charmingly mismatched colors. These delicate-looking beauties are made with steel and plywood to withstand the pressure from your thickest books.

12. Gold Rhino ($50): You know we’re way into gold animal toys, so this bookend is a natural addition to our menagerie. For extra safe keeping, we ask you put your copy of Jumanji with a more tame animal bookend.

13. Skyscrapers ($29): Store your most traveled-to city guides between these booming skyscrapers. Be sure to share the shelf with your personal photo books from your favorite trips too!

14. Magnetic Arrows ($35): We’re pretty sure that this bookend is on the school supplies list at Hogwarts. Illusion spoiler alert: Each arrow tip is fixed with a magnet that sticks to a metal bookend hidden inside the last book cover.

15. Reclaimed Wood ($60): Nothing warms our hearts more than repurposing materials, which is why we feel so fuzzy about this angular bookend cut from reclaimed wood. Basic in design, you can take these to the next level with a dark stain or by filling in the triangular shaped facets with a bright paint color.

16. Golden Gate Bridge ($69): This miniature model of the iconic Bay Area bridge is a stoic addition to any writing desk. Whip out the copper spray paint for a more authentic effect!

17. Fork and Spoon ($50): Make a shrine for you cookbooks in between this culinary power couple. Here at Brit HQ, our hardcover recipe collection is dominated by the most important meal of the day – dessert!

18. High Five Hands ($30): Don’t you feel like high fiving someone when you’ve finished the final chapter of a great book? Rest easy knowing these concrete-filled forearms share your excitement.

19. Natural Stones ($45): You’d be lying if you said your mantle couldn’t use a little sparkle, so we recommend amping it up with these gorgeous geodes. These natural beauties are as sturdy as they are shimmery and completely one-of-a-kind.

20. Book Belt ($49): Keep your books standing at attention with this book binder. Two wooden end pieces give the contents its support while the attached elastic band maintains a firm, yet flexible grip, forever doing away with lopsided magazines and droopy softcovers.

21. Falling Bookend ($22): This amusing bookend looks like a scene from a suspenseful Noir film. It’s only appropriate to lean your spooky thrillers and scary stories in the doomed shadow of this frightened metal protagonist.

22. Global Scene ($168): These gorgeous grown up dioramas depict miniature scenes of natural landscapes. Just another bit of inspiration drawing us closer to the the fantasy world found between the covers of a good book.

How do you creatively care for your books at home and at the office? Share with us in the comments below!