In prepping for Earth Day, we got to thinking about all the awesome ways you can repurpose materials that would normally be discarded. As we started searching for eco-chic inspiration, we came across a plethora of dresses, frocks, and gowns made from everything from plastic bags to candy wrappers. Here are 15 of our favorite “trashy” fashions.

1. Bread Tag Wedding Dress: Collecting bread tags for 10 years may seem like a hoarder thing to do, but the results are actually quite stunning. We love the dots of color and the fact that each of these tags has a best by date, letting the dress be like a little story of the couples’ time together. (via Ecouterre)

2. Subway Wrappers: A play on Project Runway, Project Subway was part of a recent eco-friendly campaign for this iconic sandwich chain. (via Eco Friend)

3. Keyboard Dress: Forget about keyboard cat! :) (via Fashionably Geek)

4. Money Dress: Now this one isn’t really made from something you’d throw away, but it certainly makes a statement about how much a given item of clothing is worth. (via NSMBL)

5. Aluminum Drop Dress: How amazing is this? Made from recycled cans, this flapper-esque dress would look right at home at a Great Gatsby party. (via Recycle Runway)

6. Plastic Bag Dress: This summery number was made from recycled plastic bags. Love it! (via Cut Out and Keep)

7. Lindor Truffle Dress: Rich, chocolatey, and sweet as candy. (via Red Hot Brides)

8. FEMA-Issue Blue Tarp: Made from a FEMA-issue blue tarp found on the street in New Orleans, this upcycled number is pretty darn awesome. (via Dismantled on Etsy)

9. Financial Times: Created by Gary Harvey, this dress was made from 30 copies of the Financial Times. (via The Daily Green)

10. Lotion Containers: We are going to avoid making a lotion reference to Silence of the Lambs… oops, we just did. (via The Daily Green)

11. M&M Gown: These ruffles are totally amazing. (via Ecouterre)

12. Garbage Bag Couture: Not the most wearable frock of the lot, this dress is downright trashy! (via States of Dress)

13. Newspaper Dress: Another newspaper number, this gown is a showstopper. (via Society Cottontail)

14. Plastic Bag Party Dress: How fun is this little number? Perfect for a cocktail party. Hard to believe it’s made from plastic bags! (via Chictopia)

15. Starburst Wrapper Dress: A dress 6 years in the making, this dress (and vest, clutch, and shoes) is seriously colorful. (via YouTube)

Have you made anything from recycled materials? Which of these dresses is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below.