Beauty mavens and ’90s ska-punks, brace yourselves, because we’re about to come at you with some major makeup news. The beauty brand, Urban Decay (you know, the same folks who brought you that epic Naked Palette) have teamed up with rockstar and style icon Gwen Stefani on a top secret project that will make your beauty dreams come true. Yep, a collaboration is in the works!


According to Refinery29, Gwen and UD founder Wende Zomnir met awhile back and hoped to work together but the timing was never quite right – until now, when the two are finally able to join forces to launch a special makeup line (not just a one-off product) set to hit stores this December. The details surrounding the collab are super minimal, but that’s definitely not stopping us from making a few predictions. Here are some products we’re hoping to find at Urban Decay’s makeup counter by the end of this year.


1. Ultra Bold Lipsticks: Never one to turn down an opportunity to rock a bold lip, we’re thinking this is a must. A solid red is required, but the perfect shade of hot pink would also be appreciated.

2. Jet Black Eyeliner: Although Gwen’s style has toned down since the ’90s, the rock star still tends to opt for some seriously spot-on liner looks. Whether it’s a perfect cat eye or the base of a smoky eye, we’d love to see what kind of eyeliner Gwen approves of.

3. The Perfect Eyebrow Pencil: Forget Cara, Gwen has been our eyebrow inspiration for about as long as we can remember. Never too full or too thin, Gwen always manages to let her brows make a statement without becoming too overpowering. Share your secrets with us, girl!

4. Root Touch Up Powder: Gwen’s bleached locks have no doubt spurred many a fangirl to bleach their locks a similar platinum hue. A Gwen-approved root touch up product would be icing on the cake from the nearly life-long blonde.

5. Face Jewelry: We’re not talking about the kitschy stuff Gwen wore to the MTV VMAs back in the day, but we’re hoping for a flash tatt/gem hybrid that only Gwen could dream up, maybe as a way to accent those *now* perfect brows or make your eyes pop. If anyone can get us to try something as daring as that, it’s Gwen.

What do you hope to find in this upcoming collaboration? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photo via @udwende, @refinery29 and Christopher Polk/Getty)