Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. We’ve started the countdown here at Brit HQ (you HAVE to see this year’s 3D printed roses), and we’re in major Hearts Day mode already. Are you in need of something besides an awesome card to gift your Valentine? Switch it up and say “I love you” — or maybe just, “you’re real swell and I might love you kinda soon” — with an art print, instead. Here are 27 sweet, mostly sap-free prints about love for you to give your special someone this February 14.


1. You Make My Heart Grow ($28): Is your heart a-bloomin’? Let your boo know with this charming wall art by Lemonwood Imprints.


2. So Many Feelings ($5): Eloquent, shmeloquent — this Near Modern Disaster print gets the message across as good as any cheesy love quote.


3. You are My Favorite ($20): Miminalism FTW. We think this print has just the right amount of sweetness without being sappy.


4. Waiting For Me ($22): Is your boo the Peter to your Wendy? Let ’em know with this simple and romantic Peter Pan print.


5. You and Me and the Cat ($26): ‘Nuff said. Now *that* is romance.


6. Neon Heart ($41): Who know a pink heart could look so… not girly? We’re pretty partial to this geometric print.


7. I Like Your Face ($4): Because even the most gorgeous babes need a little reminder sometimes. This one is sure to make your Valentine smile.


8. Moonrise Kingdom ($33): What movie better celebrates young love than Moonrise Kingdom? Couple this print with a box set of Wes Anderson’s best love stories for an extra-sweet themed Valentine’s gift.


9. Obsessed ($39): …But whatever. :)


10. Dear Wine, You Complete Me ($45): We hereby declare that wine can be your Valentine, too. Also, check out that Pantone Color of the Year!


11. Love You ($6): Sometimes a simple reminder of how you feel is the best gift. Especially if it comes in pretty watercolor typography.


12. Look at My Phone Print ($22): Let’s get real — true love manifests in many forms, including co-phone-browsing for hours on end :)


13. Can I Kick It ($50): Picture this pair hanging above each of your respective bedside tables. Cute, right?! Q-Tip would approve.


14. I Like You ($26) Beary, beary much. Pick up this endearing print at Urban Outfitters to give to your special someone.


15. You Are My Favorite Proton ($37): We can definitely get behind geeky love quotes like this one. Because really, what’s better than nerding out with your S.O.?


16. Valentine’s Day Hearts ($5): When in doubt, stick with some classic hearts — especially ones paired with an elegant gold frame.


17. We Can Get Down ($30): Who know A Tribe Called Quest lyrics could make such romantic Valentine’s Day gifts? Paper Jam Press obviously got the memo, and we’re really glad they did.


18. La Vie en Rose ($15): If you’ve been seeing the world through the filter of *luv* lately, let your Valentine know with this super sweet print by The Smitten Collection.


19. Oh You! ($5): Your boo will definitely know what you mean with this print. Scoop it up in the B+C Shop!


20. Grown-Ass Lady ($28): Are you celebrating Galentine’s Day instead this year? Gift this sassy wall art to your bestie so she knows just how rad she really is.


21. Of All the Fish in the Sea ($10): This one just makes us smile.


22. Love Bike ($41): Are you and your S.O. biking buddies? If so, this Society6 print will mean a little something extra.


23. The Universe and Forever ($24): Maybe it’s just us, but we think this is the most romantic venn diagram we’ve ever seen. Yep, it definitely is.


24. You Are the Gin to My Tonic ($25): AKA, you complete me. Straight up.


25. The Cat’s Meow ($16): The purrrrfect way to tell your love just how special they really are!


26. I Love You in the Morning ($20): Lovely quote + beautiful typography = winning wall art. Pick up this print at Society6.


27. Let’s Climb A Mountain Together ($25): The couple that adventures together, stays together. Scoop this print up in all six colors to make a statement wall of love for your Valentine.

Which art print would you gift your boo? What’s your favorite kind of gift for Valentine’s Day? Share with us in the comments below!