The holiday that marks the end of summer is quickly approaching *sad face.* Is it just us, or does the distance between Memorial Day and Labor Day get smaller every year? Instead of crying about it, make the most out of your Labor Day weekend with fizzy spritzers galore. Whether you choose to mix up a vintage Fresca聽cocktail or a hip La Croix cocktail, bubbles and booze are where it鈥檚 at in the summertime. Get your unique hot dog toppings ready and keep reading for 20 refreshing spritzers that will keep you cool by the pool all Labor Day.


1. Coconut Lemon Spritzer: Staying hydrated is key in the hotter months. This mocktail blends coconut water with lemon juice and lemon soda for a thirst quenching beverage you can鈥檛 put down. (via Unexpected Elegance)

brit co

2. Sangria Spritzer: Sangria is essential for your Labor Day festivities. Try stepping it up a notch with a little bit of fizz from sparkling wine. Muddle raspberries and add sliced citrus to the pitcher for a fresh and fruity vibe. (via Brit + Co)

cherry rose

3. Cherry Sorbet and Ros茅 Wine Spritzers: Why should you have to choose between sorbet, wine and soda? You shouldn鈥檛, and this drink proves it. (via Yes to Yolks)


4. Earl Grey Ginger Spritzer: If you need a little caffeine boost and iced coffee isn鈥檛 your jam, try a tea spritzer. This one has only two ingredients: Earl Grey tea and ginger beer. (via Culinary Ginger)

cucumber lime

5. Cucumber Lime Basil Prosecco Spritzer: Give your basic bottle of Prosecco a spa-like boost with fresh basil and cucumber. Stick your Champagne glasses in the freezer for a few minutes before pouring for an even more invigorating experience. (via FANNEtastic Food)


6. Just Peachy Champagne Spritzer: Peach Schnapps, white wine and Champagne give this drink a summery and fruity feel. Garnish with sliced peaches and edible flowers to make it truly impressive. (via Wilde Orchard)


7. Lemon Blueberry Vodka Spritzer: There鈥檚 no need to play bartender all Labor Day weekend. Set out blueberry vodka, honey simple syrup and lemon sparkling water and let everyone make their own drinks to the strength they desire. (via Honey and Birch)

lime rose

8. Lime Ros茅 Spritzer: This cocktail tastes like a girly garden party and we鈥檙e not mad at it. It mixes elderflower liqueur with lime juice, ros茅 and seltzer, meaning it goes down smooth while cooling you off. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)


9. Melon Basil White Wine Spritzer: We found what you can do with all of that leftover cantaloupe you have. Puree it with a bit of water and top with basil and white wine. You鈥檙e welcome. (via The Sweetest Occasion)


10. Orange Red Wine Spritzer: It seems like once Labor Day comes, we鈥檙e all cheering on fall, which means red wine is totally acceptable. With flavors like cinnamon simple syrup and Angostura Bitters, this spritzer is more than enough to get you pumped for the upcoming season. (via Honey and Birch)


11. Peach Raspberry Spritzer: This delicious concoction is so easy to drink that you may have to monitor how many you鈥檙e indulging in. The recipe makes eight servings, so you can pour everything into a pitcher and fuhgettaboutit. (via Smart Little Cookie)

pineapple mint

12. Pineapple Mint Spritzer: If you have just five minutes and three ingredients, this pineapple mint spritzer could be yours. Moscato works well as the wine for this drink because of its sweetness, but feel free to use another white wine you have on hand. (via Damn Delicious)


13. Pineapple Rosemary Spritzer: If you feel like having something a little more herby and non-alcoholic, this pineapple rosemary spritz will do the trick. The star of the drink is easily the rosemary simple syrup that pairs perfectly with fresh pineapple juice. (via Oleander and Palm)


14. Raspberry Lemonade Spritzers: Using fruit preserves is a great way to add intense fruit flavor to your drinks. Here, raspberry jam is topped with lemon juice and lemon sparkling water, and it鈥檚 just as good as it sounds. (via Freutcake)


15. Red Wine Berry Spritzer: Red wine can sometimes be a bit heavy for outdoor summer gatherings. Freshen it up by adding berry La Croix and frozen blueberries鈥 And plenty of ice, of course. (via Aggie鈥檚 Kitchen)


16. Rose Lemon Spritzer: When used with restraint, rose water can transform any drink or dish into something spectacular. If you鈥檙e planning on having a girly day by the pool, this is the cocktail you want to have in-hand. (via Half Baked Harvest)


17. Strawberry Peach Spritzer: Sparkling wine has made the spritzer game WAY easier. The simplest way to do it is to find your favorite flavor and throw in some fresh fruit. That way it enhances the flavor of the wine and you get to eat the fruit at the end. (via What the Fork)


18. Very Berry Spritzer: Frozen berries are great for drinks because they release a ton of juice as they thaw. The only other ingredients to this mocktail are fresh strawberries and lemon-lime soda, so you probably have everything you need to make them right now. (via Deliciously Sprinkled)


19. Watermelon White Wine Spritzer: If you want to sip watermelon like Queen Bey (who doesn鈥檛?), then this spritzer is right up your alley. Plus, you get to use up that giant melon you鈥檝e been hoarding. (via The Cookie Rookie)


20. Blackberry Sage Spritzers: Woodsy sage and tart blackberries are the perfect pairings for gin and soda water. It鈥檚 simple and the perfect way to usher out summer with a bang. (via 1-2 Simple Cooking)

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