You know when you have one of those moments that makes you fall hard for everyone you work with? This project came from one of those moments. While brainstorming all sorts of fun printables (like Valentine’s Day Confetti) with our editorial designer Annie, something magical happened. The concept of ’90s Heartthrobs in printable Valentine form.

We busted out all of our old BOP and Tiger Beat mags, racked our brains for our number one ’90s crush (JTT vs. Jordan Catalano?) and Annie turned a middle school dream into a well-designed and hilarious reality.

The only question that’s left to answer is: Who was your favorite ’90s heartthrob?

 – printable ’90s heartthrob Valentines (download here!)

 – color printer

– X-acto knife

– metal ruler

– awesome ’90s loving attitude

The materials for this are pretty darn simple… and really good looking.

Use an X-acto knife and metal ruler to cut your Valentines. You can also use a paper cutter or scissors as long as you don’t have any wonky blades.

Keep on cuttin’!

Just look at all those hunks ;)

Write a note to your bestie.

Exchange with aforementioned bestie.

And collect all the dudes of your middle school dreams right in the palm of your hand. Wahoo!

But for real, who was your number one ’90s crush? Let us know over on Twitter.