When it comes to Valentine’s Day, sometimes a simple greeting card or piece of wall art says it best. Whether you want to tell that special someone that they’re your favorite, they’re the gin to your tonic, or that they’re just your “type,” we’ve got a print for you to give them. Thanks to Etsy and Society6 for both being packed to the max with romantic options — take your pick!

1. You + Me = Awesome ($19): Sometimes the simplest truth is best. You and me make awesomeness together.

2. Likes ($21 and up): For a more graphic option, this heart is filled with all of your various likes, bikes, and more.

3. You Are My Favorite ($12 and up): This whimsical print would also make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your best friend.

4. Let’s Make Out ($16 and up): Not quite ready to say I love you? Let’s just freaking make out ;)

5. Geometric Heart ($19 and up): We love the woodgrain-esque textures and patterns on this geometric heart. You could also try your hand at making this yourself using colorful paper or contact paper.

6. Smiling Mac ($99): Perfect for the Apple fanboy or fangirl.

7. Some Like It Hot ($17): Let’s be honest, everyone likes it hot on Valentine’s Day!

8. Graphic Heart ($20 and up): The goofy black lines and geometry in this piece make it easy to fit in any home.

9. Flower Love ($35 and up): Co-opt classic Beatles lyrics with this floral bit of charming wall candy.

10. Gin and Tonic ($20): The rum to my coke, the whiskey to my ginger, the vodka to my soda. Cheers.

11. Hello Love ($17 and up): Hello there gorgeous!

12. Moonrise Kingdom Poster Set ($24): Share a love of Wes Anderson films?

13. Boom Boom Boom ($19): We’re not sure if it’s simply a coincidence that this print includes re-appropriated Peter Gabriel Lyrics or if they did it on purpose. Either way, we’re into it.

14. Love Bike ($20 and up): Another heart composed of parts — this time they’re all the essentials to create a bike.

15. To the Moon and Back ($24): It’s no secret that we get weak in the knees for all things chalkboard, and we love this celestial proclamation of love.

16. You’re My Type ($18 and up): This is definitely our favorite one on the list! Puns for the win.

17. I Think You’re Lovely ($18 and up): Mountains, clouds, rainbows, and elephants — we all think you’re just lovely.

18. You Are My Cup of Tea ($19): Nothing is as cozy as a nice cuppa… except maybe the one you love.

19. Totes Adorbs ($18 and up): Like, totally!

20. I Love the Sh*t Out of You ($30): And finally, something on the crass side of things. Sometimes, you just have to go there.

Will you buy your sweetie a print on this list? Tell us your favorite one in the comments below.