Get ready, Walking Dead fans, because season seven is coming in HOT this Sunday, October 23! And as is customary in the world of TWD, the premiere always roll in around Halloween — creating the perfect (and super spooky) zombie storm. It’s been a tough break, and we hope you spent the last few months playing catch up on Netflix and desperately trying to fill that show hole. Before you lose your zombie-obsessed mind over kicking off another nail-biting season, scroll on for the best walker-inspired decor, accessories and treats. These 20 TWD premiere ideas will transform your house into the ultimate post-apocalyptic party zone.


1. Black Cherry Rum Zombies: Feeling anxious? When it comes to TWD, we usually are. And what better way to ease the adrenaline rush than with rum — lots and lots of rum! This classic cocktail combines both white and gold rum with black cherry and pom juice, homemade simple syrup and fresh lime. (via Beth Cakes)


2. Showtime Savvy The Walking Dead String Lights ($28): Nothing like a little flesh-eater mood lighting to get the party started! Be sure to string them low enough that people will keep coming face to melted flesh when they get up to grab a non-human snack.


3. All-Natural Zombie Brain Cupcakes: We think it’s best to keep it pretty when it comes to feasting on brains, so we found the healthiest (at least in color) pink-brained recipe to share with your guests. When in Terminus… (via Bren Did)


4. Walking Dead-Inspired Zombie Barbies: Add a super easy and fun DIY element to your premiere party and ask your friends to bring old Barbies to turn into biters. All you need to properly zombie-fy your doll is white and gray spray paint, brown dye and craft paint. (via Crafts by Amanda)


5. Spirit Halloween Bloody Shower Curtain ($8): You may not want to look behind this blood-spattered curtain. And if you do, you might just find TWD ultimate survivor Glenn with his main squeeze Maggie reuniting once again.


6. Value Vinyl Art Dead Decal ($13): There’s nothing more iconic than the countless spookily scrawled signs throughout this show’s seven seasons. Use this decal on the doors you’d like to stay closed during your party.


7. LIQNYC Zombie Lollipops ($29): Heads will roll when you give out these pops to your friends. Each one features a different and impossibly detailed and decayed walker face. Nom nom zombies.


8. The Cozy Bear Carl Grimes Tee ($22): This cotton v-neck will keep you super comfy while you rep your fave character. Start a game with the above-mentioned cocktail and every time someone in the show asks “Where’s Carl,” everyone *must* drink. Classic Carl.


9. Zombie Dress Shop Custom Zombie Costume ($24): Throw on a blood-stained number and greet your guests in character. Or just send in any outfit to this Etsy account to get it properly zombied (i.e. hand distressed and dyed). Your inner walker will be out in full force!


10. MegansPinatas Brain Pinata ($43): Everyone knows the only way to eliminate zombies is by destroying their brains. Practice your survival skills with this handmade party game! Fill with creepy treats like zombie lollipops, gummy eyeballs and chocolate zombie fingers.


11. Bourbon and Freedom Team Rick Glassware ($10): We all love Rick Grimes and would follow him to Terminus and back even when he goes a little nutty once in awhile. What better way to show your appreciation for the show’s main man than with a tumbler. Fill with Rum Zombie. Repeat.


12. Finalgirls “In Carol We Trust” Enamel Pin ($9): What would we do without Carol?! As one of the few surviving OG cast, she has proved herself a survivor through and through. Despite losing her family and so many friends, this woman has stayed STRONG — so in Carol, we most definitely trust.


13. Robotmonsterisland Map to Terminus Print ($15): Let’s not *ever* go back there, K?! The only thing worse than zombies might just be cannibals. Just say NO to eating each other and tack this handy Georgia map somewhere central for ongoing reference throughout the premiere.


14. LemonCakesStudio Carol’s Cookies Soy Candle ($13): This chocolate-chip cookie scent is sure to distract your friends from your true intentions. Whether Carol is building another arsenal or just being a badass, keep this candle burning throughout your premiere party for an authentic TWD experience.


15. DanniBeCollection I Love Daryl Dixon Wine Glass ($10): Love him or hate him, one thing’s for sure: The nicer (and waaaaay hotter Dixon brother) is all business, and that’s how we think premiere party wine-drinking should be done. Cheers to surviving the apocalypse!


16. PartyGirlDesigns1 Viewing Party Printable Invitation ($10): Get these premiere party invites sent out to your friends, stat. Customize, print and send to generate maximum excitement and anticipation.


17. InstantAdventure TWD Photo Booth Props ($6): No party is complete without a DIY photo booth! These TWD-inspired printable props are perf for your premiere. Use Terminus map or bloody curtain as a backdrop for an even more authentic feel.


18. Costume Contest Trophies: Add a competitive element and see who can dress the deadest. Whether channeling your inner walker, the Governor or sweet Beth (RIP) — bring your best costume swagger and you’ll have the trophy “handed” to you. DIY these golden extremities using severed (plastic) limbs and gold spray paint. (via Very Vegan Holidays)


19. TheFussyPup Walking Zombie Cookie Cutter ($15): Take Carol’s cookie recipe to the next level with these walker-shaped cutters. You can finally enjoy feasting on zombies without becoming one yourself.


20. Whole Wheat Zombie Fingers: We love this spooky twist on the traditional shortbread cookie. Use almonds for fingernails and berry jam as blood to pull off this deliciously dead-inspired recipe. (via Texanerin Baking)

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