Once those long summer weekends set in, you can find us with our feet up, a glass of rosé in hand, and no plans on the horizon. That is why summer is also the perfect time to upgrade your lazing with that most-prized of all lounging situations: a hammock. (Just the word has us daydreaming about softly swaying in the breeze.) So when we discovered Wayúu, the brand bringing exquisitely handcrafted luxury hammocks from Northern Colombia to the masses, we instantly were inspired to level up our lounge game this season.

Named for the indigenous artisans of rural Northern Colombia who craft each hammock, Wayúu blends traditional weaving techniques with current colorways and details to create a variety of styles. Wayúu works closely with the women in these communities to ensure that their crafts are being preserved and empowers them to earn a sustainable living for themselves and their families through their weaving.

Some hammocks skew more traditional, while others, dripping with tassels and macramé, are informed by current trends. Each one, ranging from $214 to $990, is held to the highest standard of craftsmanship and made to last years. You can 100 percent hang them outside, as long as you store them from the elements, but really, we want these beauties to be a permanent fixture in our homes. If you’re down to indulge your creative streak, Wayúu will even work with you to create a custom, one-of-a-kind hammock. (Pom-poms, anyone?)

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(Images via Wayúu)