Has your brain been feeling buzzy? It could be time to treat yourself to a guilt-free mental health day, plan a quiet getaway, or complete a digital detox. “There’s tremendous scarcity around [having] quiet time, alone time, and white space, and doing nothing — therefore it’s incredibly valuable,” Well+Good co-founder Melisse Gelula says. Instead of letting social media or a chaotic inbox continue to overwhelm you, be intentional about finding a low-key place to restore your energy and practice mindfulness. Read on for our list of seven quiet places that offer feel-good zen vibes, each and every time.

Woman in hammock

1. Hammock: Whether you’re looking to unwind on vacay or add a dash of zen to your current digs, a hammock hung in a relaxing spot (such as on a quiet beach, in a tranquil garden, or in a cozy room corner) can help melt stress and anxieties away. Wondering why this kind of contraption, which people have loved for thousands of years, works so well? The magic is in the gentle rocking motion, which is so powerful that WebMDlists it as a method people can use to attain better sleep.

2. Nap Room: It might seem like a crazy idea to take a nap at work, but science shows that nodding out for a short amount of time can help you experience improved energy and become more productive. If your office offers a dedicated spot for a mid-day dose of quiet, do yourself a favor and make the most of it. It’s not imperative that you sleep; just treating yourself to some silence can help you relax and come back to your tasks feeling more focused.

3. Floating Pod: Flotation therapy is a wellness treatment and meditative experience known to induce restfulness and regeneration through its aquatic approach. Float, the biggest and oldest float center in Boston, MA, offers 90-minute sessions in the dark designed to help people power down and completely relax in a shallow pool filled with warm water and Epsom salt. It’s no surprise that float centers have started popping up all over the United States — reviewers rave about the therapy’s special ability to help them totally de-stress and simply let go.

4. Moon Deck: Look forward to a monthly moon report? Feeling the effects of Mercury in retrograde? Gaige House + Ryokan in Sonoma Valley, CA is where meditation meets the moon; the new inn’s deck was designed for cosmic nighttime reflections. This enchanting northern California property also offers additional places to seek some quiet inspiration, such as a private zen garden and pagoda. Have a hard time tuning out stressors or sticking to a digital detox? You’ll likely find that it’s much easier to be mindful when there’s so much to see and enjoy sans interruption. If you can’t visit (or create) your own moon deck, consider driving to the top of a nearby hill for some lunar views; we bet you’ll feel just as moonstruck.

5. “Chill-Out” Room: Switzerland’s The Dolder Grand (located smack-dab in the Swiss mountains) boasts an epic, on-site experience that was made to help travelers relax. The iconic room features airy and naturally relaxing colors, along with hanging hammocks and chairs. Additionally, there are headphones for guests to listen to relaxing music as they kick back to scroll through magazines while sipping on a cup of freshly squeezed juice or hot tea. Design your own “chill out” room by designating a quiet space where you can unwind at home. Opt for a neutral palette, comfy chair or floor pillows, and anything else that leaves you feeling chillaxed.

6. Relaxation Lounge: Finding respite in a busy city like Los Angeles can feel like a tough feat, but the new “silent treatment” available at the recently revamped Spa Montage Beverly Hills might be just what you’re looking for. The brand new relaxation hotspot promotes mindfulness and meditation through being quiet and present. When you’re done, complement the benefits of silence with a vitamin D fix at one of the poolside cabanas or a dip in the dreamy mineral wellness pool.

7. Safari Tent: Nothing inspires tranquility quite like the great outdoors, particularly if you’re in a place where you can clearly see the stars. No tent? No problem — California’s adored Mendocino Grove offers fully stocked safari tents nestled among the famous redwoods. Not only is no set-up required, making camping easier than ever, you’ll love listening to the sounds of your surroundings; wake up to chirping birds and fall asleep to the peaceful reverberation of the Pacific Ocean. Can’t squeeze in a getaway anytime soon? See if there’s a place you can decompress and practice mindfulness by fully absorbing nearby nature, even if for just for an afternoon.

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