While you’re busy posting shots of your #OOTDs, meals good enough to eat and all those envious vacations photoshoots, some Instagrammers are taking their square snaps to the next level and turning their profiles into a virtual art gallery. One of our favorite versions of this is (what we’re dubbing ;) social media storytelling, and the must-follow account @wenevermet is a real page-turner.

The creative duo Alex + Hugo snap shots of people’s backs on the streets of London and upload them to Instagram where they turn those real candids of people’s backs into fabricated stories about the subject. The captions associated with each shot are typically funny thoughts on what is going on in the images. Seriously, you have to read them for the LOLs.

Alex and Hugo told Fast Co.Create that their process for creating the stories for each shot is pretty easygoing, “It’s really fun for us to write plain weird stuff or humorous stories and still find people who can relate to them. The main thing about taking these photos and writing this stuff is that we feel we can surpass stereotypes and just show the human side of it.” Seems like a great copywriting job, huh?

We Never Met grew out of their love of street photography, storytelling and general people-watching. We so want to be an unassuming muse for these two.

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Does this account inspire you to turn your Instagram feed into something more than brunch selfies ;)? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Fast Co.Create)