From creative souls to power moms, we’re always inspired by women who aren’t letting convention tell them what to do. And today we’re talking about buying plane tickets and setting off on incredible adventures. Whether you’re starting to plan a trip of your own or just want to do some armchair traveling, here are 20 women who inspire us with their beautiful photos and independent spirit.

1. @worldofwanderlust: Brooke Seward is a 23 year old who has been traveling the globe solo for over a year now and has a list for 2015 that makes us want to hide in her suitcase. From gorgeous cities to exotic landscapes and adorable selfies, this girl from Tasmania is living the life of dreams.

2. @theblondeabroad: Kiersten is a Cali girl who left her job in corporate finance and now has been to over 40 countries. She has travel tips for everyone, whether you’re planning a luxury vacation, want to do something adventurous or are venturing out on a student budget.

3. @hippieinheelsblog: Currently living in India, Rachel used to be a nurse but now she is a practicing masseuse in the beautiful beach town of Gao. Expect lots of photos of fruit, colorful saris and pristine beaches.

4. @grrrltraveler: Calling her blog the “imperfect adventures of a solo traveler,” Christine Kaaloa is ridiculously brave as she navigates scam artists, language barriers and humid climates.

5. @florabaker: With the goal of visiting every continent at least twice before she is 31, Flora has been working and volunteering her way around the world for the past year. Don’t expect a lot of selfies, just beautiful photos of pretty places.

6. @candicewalsh: After getting laid off from her job as a technical writer in 2013, Candice started traveling and hasn’t stopped since. Now she’s fully self-employed and works from whichever incredible location she happens to be in at the moment.

7. @anna.everywhere: With over 10 years of travel under her belt, Anna Lysakowska has got a lot of great advice — like how to get free WiFi from airports that try to make you pay for it.

8. @jeanholysmithereens: If you want to know what it’s like to stay in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, then you need to be following this girl.

9. @ellecroft: Elle’s purpose in life is simple — travel, write, eat, love. We’re not sure which we love more, her airport snaps or the foodie pics.

10. @urbanpixxels: Crisp and bold, Jacintha’s travel photos look like something straight out of a magazine.

11. @lucydodsworth: Located mainly in Europe, Lucy’s photos make us want to listen to “La Vie en Rose” while checking out French boys.

12. @lucylaucht: Lucy’s feed is full of blue skies and seas as she travels solo through South America. Apparently this alpaca is not as impressed as we are with her photography skills.

13. @cookiesandcandies: Featuring one of our favorite subjects, Marlene tackles the problematic question of travel fashion and how to be comfortable while looking fabulous no matter how jet-lagged you are.

14. @somekindofwanderlust: If you need more palm trees and wide open spaces in your feed, check out Andrea’s Instagram as she travels through South America and up through Mexico.

15. @kirstenalana: With every lovely photo, Kirsten posts a mini update so you feel like you’re learning something about each new city and country.

16. @adventurouskate: Kate has figured out how to travel the world for a living and has visited 53 countries so far. Warning, her “office” snaps may make you want to quit your cubicle job for good.

17. @youngadventuress: Follow Liz’s updates as she hikes, paddles and swims her way across Europe, the Middle East and New Zealand.

18. @parisinfourmonths: Carin moved to Paris to study and never left. Who can blame her with flower markets and perfect coffee on every corner?

19. @girleatworld: Combining her two passions — food and travel — Melissa takes a photo in each country with some sort of food the place is known for. Now we want to travel and we’re hungry.

20. @alexinwanderland: Alex Baackes left her job in 2011 to travel full time and now she writes about travel for a full-time job. Her feed is full of pristine scenery and comical airplane selfies.

Who are you following on Instagram? Share your latest finds in the comments below!