After months of planning, your big day is finally here. But before you put down your wedding planner, you might want to consider adding one more tool to your bridal toolbox. TaskRabbit — the company you’ve turned to for everything from building IKEA furniture to standing in line for the latest iPhone release — can help even the most organized bride encounter a day-of disaster with style and grace. Over the past year, TaskRabbit has handled over 3,000 wedding tasks with their unique skill sets. To get a sense of just what real couples are turning to chore service for, check out these actual, last-minute requests posted to their boards.

1. Cake Stand Catastrophe: “My mother gave me the cake stand from my great grandmother’s wedding and it was broken upon delivery to the venue! I need someone who can help get it back together before my wedding at 6pm tomorrow. Will send a photo so you know what tools to bring. Thank you!” — Marcy in Boston, MA

2. Light It Up: “My wedding lighting guy got into a car accident and cannot put up my wedding light. If you’re a handy person and can help figure out lighting, please accept this task!! I promise an additional $200 in tip if you can help solve this today ASAP. Thank you! There is gobo lighting, and pin spot lights.” — Omed in San Francisco, CA

3. Where There’s a Wheel, There’s a Way: “My grandparents are both in wheelchairs and I didn’t realize my venue didn’t have a ramp installed. The manager said we can create a makeshift one for the wedding since they won’t be able to do it in advance of the big day on Sunday. Can someone who has experience with creating a wheelchair ramp help? I think we just need some plywood? Help!” — Lyndsey in Los Angeles, CA

4. Must-Have Ladder: “I need some banners hung for my wedding. There are around 10 banners that will be hung, four of which are from a beam that is 20 feet high (so you’d need a tall ladder). The banners are a super lightweight paper and can be hung with scotch tape. Timeline: Setup needs to begin at 1 pm, and takedown happens after the ceremony, around 4:30, but before 10 pm. Tasker needs a truck and tall ladder to reach the 20-foot beams.” — Emmett in San Francisco, CA

5. Time Crunch: “I need someone to help me take down a canopy and its wooden frame inside a restaurant, after a wedding ceremony. The job starts at 6:45 pm *sharp,* and will take an hour (maybe an hour and a half). We’ll have very limited time to work, so it’s CRITICAL that you arrive on time! No special tools or expertise needed, but you do need to be comfortable working on a ladder, and carrying 7-foot-long poles down a flight of stairs.” — Mark in New York City, NY

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