Aww, the wedding tent. Most of us first experienced the phenomenon when we watched Father of the Bride for the first time. At that moment, we were set. WE HAD TO HAVE A TENT AT OUR WEDDING. It lets us have a shindig wherever we want without having to worry about the weather, and it’s a blank slate for our decorating pleasure. We’re here today to inspire your tented reception, no matter if you’re looking for classic white, decorated with twinkle lights, or nontraditional boho bedecked with florals galore.

1. Brightly Colored Paper Panels: If you want to keep things both simple and fun, try this plain white tent as a backdrop, then spruce it up with tons of brightly colored paper flags, lanterns and decorations. (via One Fab Day)

2. Tent of Lights: Who says your tent can’t be made of light? This intricate web of string lights lets guests enjoy the great outdoors all night long, without having to stop the party just because it gets dark. (via Bridal Guide)

3. Island Modern: For mismatched decor that combines both old and new, try mixing and matching vintage chairs to contrast with a bright white tent. Add tall lanterns, held up by bamboo poles, for a little more of an island edge. (via The Knot)

4. Pastel Festival: A tent doesn’t only have to be a part of your reception. Turn a brightly colored one into a backdrop for saying your vows. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

5. Brown Boho: For a rustic and cozy vibe, skip the white and go for warm tones of brown and tan. Keep the cozy going with unfinished wood tables and benches covered in faux furs. (via Boho Weddings)

6. Garland Glamping: Florals get too much credit. Garland is really where it’s at. And this tent is draped in the stuff for an event that perfectly incorporates simple rustic beauty with some wham bam glam elements; hello, sequin tablecloths. (via Mod Wedding)

7. Beach Privacy: Rather than gathering your entire reception under one tent, how about breaking things up a bit? We love this unique take on tented receptions. Each tent shines light down on enough seating for 10 to 20 guests. (via Wedding O Mania)

8. Strung Up Chandeliers: Sure, an open tent is great for natural light during the day, but when it starts to get dark, bring out the twinkling lights and crystal chandeliers for a magical atmosphere. It’s enough to make you and your guests feel like you stepped into a fairytale. (via The Bridal Detective)

9. Floating Lanterns: Looking for old-school French café charm? Try hanging streetlight-type lanterns from your tent ceiling. (via

10. Lit-Up Sticks: You don’t have to spend loads of money decorating your tent. Wrap support poles with twinkle lights that you can reuse for the holidays. The effect is a little sweet, a little natural-chic and a whole lot perfect for any open-air wedding. (via Wedding Chicks)

11. Inspiration At Sea: Did you know wedding tents can be made from sailcloth? Hello, impressive wedding photos! (via Intimate Weddings)

12. Moroccan Vibrancy: For a bold burst of color, try a Moroccan look complete with deep reds and oranges, accented by bright blue and pink pillows. Get a tent like this, and we can about guarantee that your friends are going to be talking about your epic affair until the end of time. (via Raj Tents)

13. Big Marquee: If your partner’s family is just as big as your giant clan, consider a carnival tent to match the wild times. The event will be so festive not even crazy aunt Rhonda will be able to complain. (via Intimate Weddings)

14. Whimsical French Chic: We just adore this classic vintage French look, complete with white rose chandeliers. A fleur-de-lis-spotted canopy adds a garden-party vibe to the entire fête. (via The Knot)

15. A Living Green Room: Here’s something you might not know: Tents can be used inside to create a more intimate space. This lush living wall contrasts brilliantly against a white tent for a stunning modern look. (via Star Tent)

16. Geometric Elegance: Call it a tent. Call it a canopy. Whatever you call it, it’s eclectic elegance. (via Style Me Pretty)

17. A Private Oasis: Getting married in the middle of nowhere? Dreamy. This personal tepee has the answer to any getting-ready conundrum that you may have — a pure white hideaway to collect your thoughts and take some show-stopping photos. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

18. Beach Chill: It’s your wedding, have a little fun! This open-air tent is close to the ground, perfect for digging your toes in the sand as you get tipsy off bubbly. Sounds like a perfect party setting to us! (via The Pretty Blog)

19. Bohemian Glam: For a special bohemian bride, we’ve found your colorful hideaway. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

20. A Little Whimsy: No matter if you’re making a play zone for kids or just want a space where guests can sneak away for a party break from time to time, bell tents are where it’s at. (via 100 Layer Cake)

21. Front and Center: Everyone knows the happy couple is supposed to be the center of attention at a wedding. So why not call even more attention to their table by putting it under a bright white tent? On a gorgeous night, guests can sit in surrounding tables outside. (via Style Me Pretty)

22. Open Air: Take advantage of a cool night’s breeze with an open-air tent. Wrap the frame in lights to ensure that everyone can still see even after the sky turns dark. (via Dazzling Details)

23. Hung Up on Gardens: We’ve seen plenty of beautiful floral arrangements, but never anything like this! Save on precious table space by hanging blooms from a low tent to create the feel of a romantic fairy garden. (via Wedding Lovely)

24. Pacific Pagoda: Achieve an informal and relaxed vibe with a breezy and spacious pagoda, complete with palm fronds and silk curtains blowing in the wind. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

25. Modern Romantic: Want your guests to see all the natural wonder that surrounds them? Transparent tents tend to be quite a bit more expensive than white tents, but hey, with Mama Nature doing the heavy lifting, you can keep decorating costs to a minimum. (via Style Me Pretty)

Have we convinced you that tents are the way to go this wedding season? Tell us about your favorites in the comments below!