Kiss your beautiful mess goodbye, and say hello to a white sanctuary. While your bedroom might be pretty cool as it is, we’re betting that these 13 gorgeous, minimalist bedrooms will have you ready to spruce your room up to look like one giant cloud. If you always wanted to achieve an all-white finish but didn’t know where to start, we’ve got your tips for creating a beautiful bedroom.

1. Bigger is Better: Just because everything is white doesn’t mean it has to be small in scale. Go big or go home by incorporating larger-than-life items. The different heights will add dimension while still being classic. (Photo via Design Love Fest)

2. Double It Up: Keep it clean and simple with the art in the room. Don’t be afraid to really ditch color and keep things minimal. Less can definitely be more, especially when your room looks this good. (Photo via Nylon Pinksy)

3. Forget the Drapes: White rooms are the prettiest when there’s abundant light streaming in. Lose the curtains and let the light cascade all over your beautiful bedroom for a more peaceful experience. (Photo via Nsmbl)

4. Add Print: Adding prints to your room gives you new texture without all that extra chaos. Keep the prints neutral so they don’t clash with one another. (Photo via House to Home)

5. Add Abstract Elements: We love how this rug brings major personality to this design scheme. While everything else feels clean and solid, the design of the rug catches your eye and completes the room. (Photo via Trendenser)

6. Gallery Wall: Skip cluttering your white walls with bold, black frames and go for thin, minimalist frames or even no frames. Hanging your prints over your bed gives a little extra height to your room. (Photo via Petra Bindel)

7. Add Color With Clothes: If you do want to add some color to your bedroom, try letting your clothes do all the talking. We love how the garments act as a headboard and give you an extra excuse to stay in bed and figure out your outfit. (Photo via Decor8)

8. Add Texture: Texture is so important when it comes to an all-white bedroom. Here, the embossed comforter and the fringe blanket look perfect together, while the flower-print pillow completes the look. (Photo via Style Me Pretty)

9. Add Metallic Elements: A little bit of gold goes a long way in adding a hint of sparkle and interest. Stick to a few metal pieces for less visual chaos in the room. (Photo via Elkie Brown)

10. Light Colors: Okay, you don’t have to stick to all-white-everything. Painting the room a light color adds a little fun while still establishing your sleeping grounds as a place of serenity. (Photo via Flynnside Out Productions)

11. Add Clear Accessories: Clear accessories add structure without any extra drama. Whether it’s a simple vase or a clear lamp, all it takes is a few small elements to give a little dimension to your room. (Photo via Maliazima)

12. Use Multiple Natural Tones: By rocking neutrals, you’re visually telling a story of complexity and boldness. Balance out the light with a few small black items that make a big impact, along with a tan throw blanket and a textured rug. (Photo via The Line)

How would you decorate an all-white room? Let us know in the comments below!